GamesBeat: Torchlight II is a poor man’s Diablo that’s rich in content but not originality (review)

It’s been a crazy year for action role-playing games. First Diablo III released in May, and then Borderlands 2 came out earlier this week. And now Torchlight II. So, which one is best? The answer isn’t easy — they’re big-name and quality games. The little design choices are what might sway you to pick one over the other.

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barefootgamer2278d ago

Totally plan on playing this...someday. Damn you, busy holiday gaming season!

vega2752278d ago

I'll be playing this tonight as soon as I get off work. Glad I preordered it off steam back in early July.

adorie2278d ago

Give good score, trash talk game...
not sure if trolling or lobotomy...

darkronin2292278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Really liked what I played from the beta earlier this year, but man I just don't have the time. Hopefully soon!

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