Wii U Still Isn’t A Next Gen Console

Dual Pixels - Nintendo has been subject to scrutiny amongst the internet and development community for yet again launching a console with hardware that is either one of the three: slightly not as capable, only just as capable, or slightly more capable than current generation hardware.

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Hatsune-Miku2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I agree, its not. It's a Wii upgrade but not next gen. Look at watch dogs, mgs 5 and you'll see that Wii u is way behind. Next gen games are being worked on now and they'll soon flood the market for xbox 720, ps4 and pc and Wii u won't be able to support any like the next gen consoles

Like i said, Wii u is a Wii upgrade. A new console for Nintendo. It's like an iPhone 4s to an iphone 4. You wouldn't consider saying that iPhone 4s is a next gen phone like iPhone 5. The iPhone 4s wasn't an upgrade to mobile phone tech at the time

Sgt_Slaughter2157d ago

It is by definition, a NEXT-GEN console. There is no way it can't be. It is Nintendo's next product, which makes it their next system, or their next generation console. Simple as that...

Just cause you may not like or hate Nintendo, that does not mean it'll stop being what they call it.

Hisiru2157d ago

As much as people don't want it, it's a next gen system. It's probably going to be weaker than the other 2 consoles, but all 3 consoles are in the next gen cycle.

corrus2157d ago ShowReplies(1)
stragomccloud2157d ago

Do you just roam the Wii U articles to troll? I see you on every single one of these. I would hope you might learn a few things from people's rebuttal, but this is obviously not the case.

You clearly don't understand how big of a leap the Wii U is in terms of performance, and especially in terms of raw bandwidth. Either it's because you don't understand how architecture is more important than things like clock speeds, or you are a gamer that is too young to realize that the Wii was the first Nintendo console that was not a powerhouse of its' day.

Spreading misinformation continuing the perception that the Wii U is anything but next gen will hurt the console over its' lifetime, and in the end, hurt the games market in general. Competition is what drives the market, and when companies compete for our dollars, we win.

If someone doesn't get a Wii U, they will guaranteed miss out on some amazing experiences. I can't imagine not owning all of the systems this gen, because I would have missed out on all of the amazing titles that every platform had to offer. It makes me sad when people blindly attack other companies out of fanboyism, when they are only hurting themselves. If one ignores or hates any gaming company, that person is going to miss out on everything that system has to offer. I know that these sentiments will never change the opinion of a fanboy, but I hope they will help curb others away from such dogmatic idiotic preachings. For once one follows down the dark path, forever will it dominate their destiny.

PopRocks3592157d ago

So in other words, it's next gen.

mrbojingles2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Dammit, I'm so tired of people doing things like this.

How can it have 4 times the system memory of current HD consoles, a much better CPU that run circles around Xenon while being clocked at half the speed, and have this awesome social networking feature on at all times and still not be next gen?

Get over yourselves guys. The Wii U by very definition is next gen. Did people say the Dreamcast wasn't "next gen" in 1998/1999 just because it only had a CPU roughly twice the speed of the N64, roughly four times as much RAM as the n64?

No. (and if they did they were jerks)

PopRocks3592157d ago

Bubble up for intelligence.

samtheseed2157d ago

This website has a poor rating for a reason. Straight into waste paper basket.

SolidDuck2157d ago

Right technically its next Gen, we all get that. But will there be a big technical gap between nextbox ps4, to the Wii u, most likely. So its like next current Gen. Look the most powerful console doesn't win the console race. I don't think it ever has, so I'm not bashing the Wii u. But your delusional if u think the Wii u wont be very underpowed for a next Gen system. But again power really don't matter its about games and features.

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