Major Seekers Abuse Of Power Must Stop

Xbox Live has always been a place where there has been a need to patrol the virtual highways such as police do in the real world. Only in this case it is done by Enforcement Teams, that sit reviewing information and then make similar judgements to say, that of traffic cops and Judges, in the way they dish out fines like cops, whether that be a loss of XP or Bans like Judges which could result in loss of account or XBL services.

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darthv722157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

"Now we all know that there are rogue Cops, those that go a step too far, just ask Rodney King."

Uhhhh, he's dead.

On topic, yeah there are some who feel that wearing the big boy pants gives them the right to go around banning anyone they feel they have a difference of opinion with.

Honestly, the gaming world is feeling what the real world has felt for centuries. Doesnt make it right but "whatcha gonna do"

cleft52157d ago

Doing nothing is not the answer either. The true problem is that people don't feel they will be held accountable for their actions so they behave poorly. If Microsoft wanted to put a system of safeguards in place to stop harassment they could. Make no mistake, everything you say and do on XBL is recorded and documented.

Pay close attention to the WiiU and how Nintendo handles online interactions, because you are going to see regulations happen. This is going to be a big step towards setting the standards for this sort of communications. I am not saying that is good, but I am just sick and tire of being harassed or listening to someone get harassed with I play my games online.

That sort of behavior isn't okay and we will see these companies, like Microsoft, regulate it so they can expand XBL to a larger audience.

Anon19742157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Is this a forum post or something? Certainly seems like they have an axe to grind. You want to play on XBL, you play by their rules. Just because you pay a fee doesn't give you the right to cheat, glitch, abuse, etc...other players.

The Xbox enforcement team is well within their rights to ban who they want, when they want. It's their service. You don't like their rules, don't play there. Xbox Live is not a democracy, and it's not a court of law. They don't owe you anything. Tomorrow they could say, "Here's your money back. Get out," and there isn't a damn thing anyone could do about it. Xbox live is a service that Microsoft provides and like any other business they have the right to refuse service to anyone they want. And you know what, sometimes people that don't deserve to are unfairly punished, but that's not really a good business model, is it now? If XBL allowed just random banning, where would they be? Isn't it more likely that these gamers had actually done something wrong in the first place?

I swear, gamers are getting more and more entitled and less and less in touch with reality as the days go by. I don't know how these kids are ever going to function in the real world when the day comes, thinking the world revolves around them constantly.

Edit: Darth's video above is spot on. ;)

rainslacker2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Not knowing the case here it's hard to form an opinion. I assume by this post that this major guy was part of the enforcement team though. That being said the article didn't state what these people were banned or deranked for, even admitting that they didn't know, so it's all based on speculation. It's quite possible they did violate the terms and he was within his authority to ban them. Maybe someone else can clarify the story for the rest of us.

Other than that I do mostly agree with what your saying.

However the author does make a point that there seems to be little recourse in instances like this, and it would seem logical to have some sort of appeal process. This is especially true as I assume these companies would like to keep these people as their customers, and at the very least could maybe make the bad seeds think twice before being disrespectful towards others on any service.

Brosy2157d ago

I dont think MS bans enough people myself. Run into cheaters occasionaly and I wouldnt give them any quarter if I had the power to ban them. Same with hate speech, inappropriate photos, griefing etc.

GaminGuys2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Firstly when I wrote this opinion piece, I was neither aggrieved by anyone named in the article nor have any personal issues with any of them.

@darthv72 Rodney King is an example of someone unfairly treated regardless of his life status.

@darkride66 I have no axe to grind, I just don't believe those that control us are controlled enough themselves at times. Microsoft never give money back to banned users, least none I know and the persons aggrieved are extremely good players that I am online with myself. They have no interest in cheating, they are quite skilled and do very well on their own merits, but have had resets etc due to high scores and hotspots, which makes no sense and MS have provided no further information. I am fully in touch with reality and am no teenager and represent Xbox Live myself as a voluntary ambassador.

@Brosy None of them have happened in this instance, though I agree with your view if that was the case with any member on Xbox 360 Live Services.

darthv722157d ago

i understand you basis to use King as an example you should really do more research on his particular situation that just taking what people find on wikipedia.

While i do not agree with the cops involved as the beating was extremely cruel. King was no saint in the matter either. He was in the wrong, the cops were in the wrong and two wrongs don't make a right.

So as to the topic, the abuse of power in relation to King was had he been cooperative the beating would not have taken place (speculative). I am sure we can all be pushed to a point where heightened awareness can cloud rational thought.

In no way did king deserve the beating but please understand that he had a hand in his own situation. The cops exceeded their duty and provocation can lead to really bad decisions.

GaminGuys2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Unfortunately when it comes to gaming, justice is rarely forthcoming when some parties are trying to understand consequences. More clarity and information is required to understand decisions and with XBL Enforcement matters, it's dire. The matter has been passed to be investigated by Mark Rubin, thankfully we have some contacts for review procedures to be implemented, unlike others. The truth will out.

rainslacker2157d ago

I'm not sure that more transparency in the decisions is required. I think what you can be banned for is pretty well spelled out in the TOS. In this particular case I'll go with the assumption that this guy has gone rogue, or simply had a bad day or something. It does sound like it's been passed on for review, so what more do you think needs to be done?

It sounds like MS has a system in place to handle situations like this, and the appropriate actions are being taken. Obviously only time will tell how this will play out. I'm also sure MS has a set of rules on what their moderators can and can't do. If he violated those rules then he'll either be reprimanded or fired. It sounds to me like the system is working with checks and balances.

And perhaps you can clarify the "unlike others" statement. Which online moderated communities don't have a system of appeals.

GaminGuys2156d ago

I mean a lot of people wouldn't know where to even begin such a process. Not really the kind of thing you can do on your xbox is it and I have always wondered why that is, thats what the people use yet it takes pc's and forums / email to get anyone to listen, it should be on xbox too.

rainslacker2156d ago

Perhaps making it easier would be nice. Like in the email or notification that says they were banned they are given a link to visit with their options and an explanation of their ban or something. I can't really say since I've never been banned from anything, but I see where your coming from

BitbyDeath2157d ago

Should just integrate a system so if someone is a frequent abuser that particular method gets cut. ie no longer allowed to talk on a mic or no longer able to send messages or both.

Cutting entire access should not be done as they'd be more likely to go out and get a new account which makes the entire thing pointless.