[TGS] Namco Bandai's Shin Unozawa: Japan’s game industry has an image problem

"Every year, TGS forum brings important industry figures together to debate and discuss important trends in the market and industry. This year’s first keynote speech was made by Shin Unozawa, the new Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) chairman and current Vice President of Namco Bandai games. The topic is one that has been debated around the internet in much less eloquent terms: “What Japan’s Game Industry Needs: The Outlook for the New Era of Game Business,” or in internet speak, why the Japanese Game industry is doomed, and how we can fix it." -Janelle of RPG Land

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knifefight2273d ago

Unozawa sounds like a smart guy with very insightful plans.

NewMonday2272d ago

they should start by bringing more games to the west

Godmars2902272d ago

One that got worse when major devs went to Western ones for their games.