TGS: Metal Gear is Rising and so are my expectations | Destructoid

Destructoid: "Despite Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance having been available to play at several events over the last year, I'd never found time to play it. So, like the people of Japan, Tokyo Game Show was my first opportunity to get my hands on Platinum's take on the Metal Gear series."

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crimsonfox2273d ago

"When it went down, I was so excited that I charged forward... right into two more Geckos which soundly beat the ever-living crap out of me."
Haha I'm glad they aren't making the Gekko's easy to kill. Raiden was chopping through those suckas like butter in MGS 4

2273d ago
doogiebear2273d ago

Don't care. The reveal of Ground Zeroes has me no longer caring about Rising. I once was interested, but not anymore! Ground Zeroes, we love you!

RyuX192273d ago

You were never interested. But it's okay you can go ahead and wait a year or two twiddling your thumbs while we are playing what could be one of the best Hackn'Slash games to come out since Bayonetta.