GAME half-price trade-in deal for PS3 Super Slim detailed

GAME is offering a trade-in deal to U.K. customers who are considering picking up the new PS3 Super Slim, announced at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this week.

Due to launch on September 28, the PS3 Super Slim will be half-price to customers (full retail price £249.99) who trade-in an Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim. The deal applies to the trading in of a 350GB Xbox 360, or the 2GB, 160GB or 320GB PS3 slim. In return, customers will get the FIFA 13 500GB package which includes the 500GB Super Slim.

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TongkatAli2279d ago

I'm going to get this model next year.

iamnsuperman2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

2GB model OMG? Didn't know that existed......

I think I will stick with my slim. Good deal non the less

tigertron2279d ago

Think they meant the 120GB model (which I have).

hazelamy2279d ago

it could be the 20 gig, mind you, but then i don't know if they ever released that one in europe.

sandman2242279d ago

I hope GameStop in USA does the same