PlayStation boss thinks division will be profitable this year

Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House thinks the PlayStation division will turn a profit in the current business year ending March 31, 2013.

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GalacticEmpire2280d ago

More to spend on PS4 development/marketing next year ;P

sway_z2280d ago

Let's hope so.....I think the PS3 slimmer is the key to that thought process..

Love it or don't gotta buy it ;)

zalanis2280d ago

Huh?? Did i just read that right (talking about title only)
How can they run a division that only generates profit 5 years later

Blankman852280d ago

Its had its good years and not so great years. This will not be the first time the division is profitable this generation.

nukeitall2280d ago

To put it in perspective, the PS3 business lost more than the PS1 and PS2 generated in profit all those years. That is to say, complete domination for two generations wiped out just like that!

I hope Sony will turn a profit this year, because they desperately need it. It would be a sad day if Sony couldn't afford to compete in the next generation!

CommonSenseGamer2280d ago

Wouldnt matter if he thought it or not, he's hardly going to say that Sony expects to lose more money this year.

rainslacker2280d ago

He actually would if he was talking to investors. Lying to them is a bad thing. If this was the case he would also say what they were doing to get back in the black.

BitbyDeath2280d ago

I'm sure they will considering all the games coming out early next year.

Blankman852280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Not always a guarantee. They had lots of games in 2011, including Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3. . .no profit. Doesn't matter in the end if you don't cover the costs of making those hundreds of games.
Not enough hit games, no profit. There's no simpler way of putting it.

mcstorm2280d ago

I agree and this is part of the reason why ms have not given us 10 1st party exclusives over the past few years.

Im not saying sony should stop what they are doing but they should look at what is selling and what is not. If sony took less hits on ips they would have a profit.

I think sony will look at this next gen. I think sony will go back to what they did with the ps1 to try and take back the usa and try to gain market share in europe and japan.

I think the new guy in charge of sony will do a good job in all departments if you look at what sony are doing in there phone amd gaming devision i think its a step in the right direction for them and i can see them getting back to the top again in the next 10 years.

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