Black Ops 2 - Weapons List + Stats from Leaked Beta

With the Black Ops 2 beta being leaked and cracked, a total of 37 multiplayer weapons have been discovered to be in the game. Many of the weapons are new and weren't shown at Gamescom.

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jopeussr2190d ago

The crossbow seems interesting since it fires explosives bolts. Hopefully it won't be overpowered ...

Curtiss2190d ago

Don't think there's anything to worry. Treyarch is known to balance their weapons, not like Infinity Ward though :P

BlackPrince 422190d ago

Oh yeah, I mean, it's not like FAMAS in Black Ops was overpowered or anything.

Getowned2190d ago

Actually I know people complain about the "FAMAS" but I don't really care for it, I prefer the COMMANDO and AUG over the FAMAS, but thats just me also the galil or how ever it's spelt (help me spelling Nazis! lol)

I don't really find the guns in blops that much over powered. What I hate about COD is when host leaves the match ends, Huge hit boxes, people's bullets don't even get close to me yet sometimes I still die ?. and mostly I wish they would spawn me(us) the farthest away possible from the other team, and a side from lag I'd be happy.

torchic2190d ago

FAMAS + extended mag + Sleight of Hand Pro was the biggest cheat code ever so so so overpowered

everything else was balanced perfectly though

DoomeDx2190d ago

Or the mp40 from WaW..

blumatt2190d ago

I hope they improve the hit markers too. There's no reason after 6 games that I should be getting killed by bullets that are shooting a foot or two around me. Improve this please!!

The lag is also ridiculous this far into the generation. Battlefield BC2 doesn't lag for me so why does CoD??!! Dedicated console servers please!!

FanboyPunisher2190d ago

You gotta be a complete foo, or a new age young kid gamer to support COD, its literally gone to poo since MW2 release and the Infinity Ward dev team leaving.

"As of July 10, 2010, 38 of the 46 Infinity Ward employees who resigned from that studio following the firings of West and Zampella revealed through their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles that they had signed on with Respawn Entertainment."

Basically, no one is left who made the first amazing COD game (COD 4) the one that brought COD into everyones living room, it sucked millions of people in. Now they have only the steam that they (COD4 makers) had left to keep building upon. No new engine, hence why vivindi is trying to sell off parts of its company, it cant last forever. Respawn is the new company to support, they need our help. They are the owners of the COD experience, but now are making bigger and better things from what they learned while working for the shitty company activision.

Even their best studio fell apart because of how badly they were disliked, similar to how some cod fans are waking up in light of all this. They only care about the bottom line, MONEY. This is what you get with Activision, and why you need to avoid supporting them intill they truly earn your business. Right now marketing of COD is working too well for Activision, WAKE THE EFF UP.

LoneCastaway2189d ago

I don't agree on that. Everyone here who says the weapons were balanced talks about assault rifles only - and not even those are balanced (Enfield)... Did noone of you ever use an SMG apart from AK74u and MP5? Snipers, LMG's and shotguns (except from the spas12) all put you in a huge disadvantage. And i'm talking about attachements aswell. The red-dot was unnecessary for most of the guns (and somehow worse than in mw2/mw3). I loved BO, but it was definately not balanced at all.

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GhostHero3332190d ago

Did you not play black ops 1?

TopDudeMan2190d ago

It's gonna be extremely slow and the explosions are not that powerful. You have to be really accurate with it.

3-4-52190d ago

it was in the first game and wasn't OP at all.

FanboyPunisher2190d ago ShowReplies(1)
NeXXXuS2190d ago

Well they have the Vector in it. HELL YES.

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TopDudeMan2190d ago

The TAR from MW2 returns!

3-4-52190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

My Favorite COD gun ever.

But what gun is the TAR ? in this game i mean.

TopDudeMan2190d ago

MTAR - the last assault rifle.

CrimsonessCross2190d ago

I loved that gun in MW2 as well when I wanted to use it :)

I loved using that and the RDS :D

Dugstar2190d ago

Had a naughty kick but by far one of the better guns in the series .. absolute animal at times.

Had some of the best games with the TAR.. iron sights were great too.

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vitullo312190d ago Show
Blastoise2190d ago

Really hoping we finally get a riot shield that works

Straightupbeastly2190d ago

I like how they put all explosives together this time. I remember in black ops you could choose nades and a claymore. Everyone snd their mother used a claymore

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