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Three Ways to Play Starhawk, Available on PSN Next Tuesday

PS Blog writes: "As many of you know, the team here at Lightbox Interactive has been hard at work developing all of the free Starhawk Updates to help support the Starhawk Community. With today’s announcement, we’ll help grow that community even more with something that a ton of players from around the world have asked for — a digital-download version of Starhawk, and not just the original version, but one that is packed with all of the awesome updates we’ve made since our initial release!" (PS3, Starhawk)

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yesmynameissumo  +   1111d ago | Funny
I love PlayStation Plus. I wish it was a woman I could ask out, but get rejected and go home to watch porn.
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JoGam  +   1111d ago
I agree. Meanwhile there are people complaining why plus is not worth it. Smh! To those people....keep telling yourself that.
doogiebear  +   1110d ago
They are just broke.
inveni0  +   1110d ago
$55 for 12 free games? How anyone can say that it's "not worth it" is crazy. Sure, you lose the games if you lose Plus, but why would you stop paying for plus. Each time you pay $55, you get 12 more games. So now, you've got 24 games for $110. Another $55 gets you 36 games for $165. We're talking $4.58 per game. That's cheaper than a used game on Amazon. PLUS, you get ALL of the other discounts and "smaller" free games.

Sony is practically paying US to use PS+.
ABizzel1  +   1110d ago

It's not 12 free games, they're games you rent. Don't you know that? And beside there aren't 12 games on PS+ to download. There's more. Geezs don't you guys know anything. /s

But seriously there's more than 12, and if you signed up around E3, there were 20+ games to download Free via PS+

Now my mind = blown. I can't believe they're giving away the single player campaign to starhawk for free. WOW. This is the only bad thing about PS+. I fear buying games now, because there's a chance it could come to PS+ for free, and I've just spent $10+ on it.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1110d ago
So glad I signed up for PS+
I'm a single campaign type of guy so the story mode is all I need anyways:-D
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ZombieKiller  +   1110d ago
Jo, you know I agree with you. For those people that say it's not worth it, they are the ones missing out.

I actually paid for PS+ because I figured if I pay for xbox, I can pay for a "few free games"
Man was I wrong....

I didn't realize the amount of games they gave. The first one was the exclusive MK9 demo, that would have sold me. But I had NO IDEA it was going to be like this....

all I gotta say is "ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU SONY"
MostJadedGamer  +   1109d ago
I am on a 30 day free trial of PS+, and I will NOT be renewing it. The free games they have just don't interest me. The selection is way too limited.
M-M  +   1110d ago
That was so random lol.
showtimefolks  +   1110d ago
i bought it at launch but than sold my copy so in for single player. One thing i hated is how the online set up was very weird. you couldn't search for a co-op match you had to start one than invite your friends

one thing i loved about Resistance 2 was the co-op and the reason the 3rd didn't do well sales wise i believe had a lot to do with co-op being removed. Even though it was a much better game overall
yesmynameissumo  +   1110d ago
Resistance 3 has full campaign coop. And it's awesome. Sony just didn't do a good job advertising it and picked an awful release date. It simply got over shadowed by Dead Island and its hype.
Tetsujin  +   1111d ago
Now I can play this again without having to spend extra $ (yes I do have +) and use that $ towards another game I've been looking at
BrutallyBlunt  +   1110d ago
This is good news. I liked the demo but never got around to buying it. Now i can have part of it for free.

Can anyone give a honest answer and tell me if there are still quite a few people playing it online? Warhawk had a dedicated community which made it last a long time. I don't want to pay $20 and have to wait to join a game for too long.
Ducky  +   1110d ago
Starhawk has a server/match browser similar to KZ2, so finding a match shouldn't be that hard.

That, and given the recent patch/update, and the new MP-only deal, the game's population will get a boost too.
So you'll be able to find a match easily if you buy it next week.
chrispen9  +   1110d ago
There are a lot of servers on there. I was surprised by how many people are still playing it.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1110d ago
Thanks for the replies, looking forward to getting it.
ChunkyLover53  +   1111d ago
This is a good idea, the game was pretty well done, its a shame that it didn't sell better. I had fun with it, but the community is all but dead right now, so hopefully this gets some new players.
HammadTheBeast  +   1111d ago
The community is actually pretty alive, not big, but alive. Hopefully more people join, because the Multiplayer is just great. You can't go wrong with the amount of content and quality.
Qrphe  +   1111d ago
ChunkyLover didn't say it was dead lol. Like you say however, the community is small but it's at least playing so there are always games to join.

All these modes sound great! Arena Deathmatch not so much (it's basically your generic shooter multiplayer mode) but I guess the additional inclusion of standard modes isn't bad.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1110d ago
Problem is with such a small community newcomers get owned which makes it a less enjoyable experience and in turn they will stop playing.
ame22  +   1111d ago
So throughout the entirety of the summer holiday you didn't release the tiniest update and now that my academic year has started you're telling me that not only are you bringing it to PSN but also giving away the singplayer campaign to PS+ for free. Well f**k you. Pardon the outburst.
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urgentfury  +   1110d ago
Not sure where you spent your summer but late July we got 1.03 with two knew maps, not to mention the updates before that.
KillerPwned   1111d ago | Bad language | show
BitbyDeath  +   1111d ago
Tempted to trade in my disc copy and buy the digital...
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1111d ago
You're not going to get enough money to cover it...
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
Yea, that's the problem. Wish they'd let us install it, hate having to switch discs for multiplayer games i just want to play.

EDIT: Yea, i know but Rockband did it (allowed us to copy tracks) LOL
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1110d ago
Install it? You mean install a game from a disc, so that you can sell it? That wouldn't make sense.
Ducky  +   1110d ago
^ I would prefer it if they let you install the game from a disc IF you've also bought the digital version as well.
spok22  +   1110d ago
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1111d ago
I love Plus, but I already have this game...and pretty much every game they've given us recently.

What market, exactly, are they going for with Plus? The people who play a lot of games...or the people don't buy enough games? Is there a sweet spot that I don't know about?

I'm going to unsubscribe until they give us games that dedicated PlayStation fans haven't already (obviously) purchased.
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
You won't see a mind reading technique this gen, maybe next ;-)
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1110d ago
Lol. I understand that, but this just doesn't make any sense to me.

I loved the single-player campaign of Starhawk, but I'm never going to play it again. I play it for the multi-player now. If I trade it in, I'll only get $7 cash for it...which is not enough to cover the multi-player aspect of the digital download. (We sell it for $12.99 used.)
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
Yea, i agree.
I usually trade my games in anyway though (don't like to hold onto stuff).

I dunno i haven't played it in ages but will have to give the latest version a test cause it sounds a lot more like Warhawk with small maps and weapons on the field.

Plus those new game modes sound awesome especially the one with buildings randomly falling from the sky.
Qrphe  +   1110d ago
I think it works a number of ways.
They get to introduce the game to all the PS+ members who probably haven't even heard about this game or didn't get to buy it at one point, they give life to a game that didn't manage to even sell 200k copies (but still has great support from the dev team btw), and they add another item that makes PS+, in its current state, more appealing to non-subscribers.

I know this doesn't really help much PS+ members like you and me who already have the game though.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1110d ago
Well said, sir. :)
KwietStorm  +   1110d ago
Its clearly a mix of both, but nobody should expect anywhere near the majority of the free content to include new release games, especially not Blu-Ray games. Somebody has to get paid, and Sony can't foot the bill that often.
Knushwood Butt  +   1110d ago
If you have Plus then just lay off the digital purchases more - many may come to Plus for free.

In Japan, Plus is FINALLY getting better. This month we got a few free PS3 games. One was Golden Axe, which I had already purchased a while ago...
DigitalRaptor  +   1110d ago
Fantastic idea! Great game. The multiplayer is really where it shines, so hopefully people are enticed to get the full package or Multiplayer edition.
Allsystemgamer  +   1110d ago
Well my ps+ had been getting used a lot lately :p
MrBeatdown  +   1110d ago
Awesome that the single player is free*. I want the MP too, but I think I'll hold out for a cheap copy of the disc version.

*For those bothered, upset, or emotionally traumatized by my use of the word "free," swap "free" with "available to subscribers at no additional charge for as long as I maintain and active subscription."
Shawtymann  +   1110d ago
I rented the game last week and played through the single player. It was the most fun I've had all year in a game. too bad the campaign was so short.
I haven't tried the multiplayer because of the Online Pass
hkgamer  +   1110d ago
When did this game get released? Didn't even know this game was out.
Ducky  +   1110d ago
Around May of this year. Yea, the release could've used more advertising as it kinda flew under most people's radar.

I was actually looking forward to the game, but for some reason, didn't grab it on release. Oh well, now's probably a good time to jump in.
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AusRogo  +   1110d ago
Reeeaaally should get ps+
r21  +   1110d ago
Yay more noobs to squash >:D JK
Enjoy the game folks!
zoks310  +   1110d ago
Holy shit!

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