Lost Planet 3: ‘it’s impossible to please everyone’

Lost Planet 3 is another venture between Capcom and a Western studio. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with the developer to find out why teaming up with Spark Unlimited is paying off.

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NYC_Gamer2278d ago

That's why you aim to please the original fans

thegamingadvisory212278d ago

agreed but if only it was that easy

Ultr2278d ago

I think this game is gonna be good, at least at atmosphere they will suceed from what I've seen.
everything else, I dunno, but I can't wait to test it out!! :)

princejb1342278d ago

In capcoms case
Is impossible to please anyone
With all these day one dlc and re releasing the same games with added characters the next year

Ben_Grimm2278d ago

The internet proves you just can't please everyone.

jc485732278d ago

it hasn't pleased me at least. I've been playing a lot of LP2 back then even with all the backlash people were having with the game.

TheColbertinator2278d ago

Good thing for Capcom that they please nobody.

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