How the Wii U Could Win Back the 'Hardcore'

"The term ‘Hardcore Gamer’ doesn’t sit well with me, it sounds more like some sort of dirty porn video that you’d find hidden in the depths of a lonely teen’s computer files rather than someone who enjoys playing games. However, even if the term does evoke images of asthmatic, anti-social, sweating teens in their mother’s basements venting their rather narrow-minded opinion in forums and belittling others in the process, it can’t be denied that this subsection of video game lovers have taken on the term to deliberately segregate themselves from the blending of video games into popular culture. I myself prefer the term video games enthusiast, as that is exactly what I am – enthusiastic about video games; after all you wouldn’t call a film enthusiast a hardcore filmgoer. With the impending release of the Wii U in November, it seems that this section of ‘hardcore’ gamers are up in arms about Nintendo delivering exactly what they always complained about Nintendo failing to deliver on: ‘hardcore’ games."

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ShadyDevil2277d ago

I think the Wii-U already has the hardcore. It is proven with games like Bayonetta 2 and Super Mario Wii-U and Zombie U. Half the reason why it is selling out is because of titles like those.

Hisiru2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I agree with Shady, but I think more exclusives like Bayonetta 2 would be even better. Maybe a new Star Fox/F-zero and new IPs. I would love to see an exclusive third person shooter similar to Gears or Uncharted on the WiiU developed by a company like Retro Studios.

corrus2277d ago

That's very good idea games like Gears and Uncharted on WII U

darthv722277d ago

back when i was a young lad, the term "hardcore" didnt refer to the type of games you played but the designation of someone who quite simply played games on a regular basis.

So you could have someone who played tetris constantly and were able to associate them with another who played super mario bros all the time.

Now i know im old (40) but I cant even recall when the term changed (if it did) to being more centric to the type of game rather than the gamer themselves.

I used to classify myself as hardcore because I would play pretty much anything (good and bad). i dont play AS much as i did when i was young but I didnt stop playing games all together. I slowed down with age but I can be just as dedicated in a game of halo or uncharted as I can be in angry birds.

Hatsune-Miku2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I'm sure the stores aren't selling them so I don't know how they are supposedly sold out. Reserves are high but how many were given out? Pure hype. Just like the GameCube and just like the Wii.

The hardcore gamers are the reason why game sales are down drastically and they don't want games that seems like games they've been playing for 7 years. Hardcore gamers are waiting for a massive upgrade in consoles or gaming tech. The only way Wii u can win over the hardcore is by releasing a next gen console. You have a few people that would pick up the Wii because its something new if they aren't NES fans but they'll be quickly bored with the Wii soon after release and definitely when they see next gen games like uncharted 4 , killzone 4 and others.

The Wii sales are abysmal and the console is so cheap. People don't want such an underpowered console. The xbox and ps3 sales are stronger but not as strong as they once were. Hardcore gamers that drives this industry are tired of the samey samey games. Except for the few unique games released mostly on ps3 game tech this gen has plateu a bit.

I can't wait for next gen consoles. I love the pc but it doesn't get supported with unique games enough and many aren't optimized to utilize high spec rigs like a bf3 and such

Ken kutaragi said that Nintendo didn't want to improve much on the tech of super Nintendo. They didn't want to adopt the cd format and modern tech of its time. Nintendo thought the ps1 and 3d games were too advanced. Look at where the gaming industry is now and constantly I see that ken ws right. Nintendo constantly wants to stifle progress . Wii u wants to continue driving with 7 year old tech for another five or six more years

ninjabake2277d ago

I couldnt agree with you more! Having a marquee 3rd person action game is pretty essential these days and I'd love for Nintendo to either develop or have a 3rd party develop an exclusive TPS. It could be sci-fi it doesn't have to be modern or realistic it just has to be a fun game. Nintendo could really drive their point home of wanting to take online gaming seriously if the game has a robust online infrastructure.

Moonman2277d ago

@Miku Wii sales are down because WiiU was announced. That's partly why it's selling out. I know 2 people who were about to get Wii until WiiU was announced. Yes, they are smart to wait. But anyway, great comment ShadyDevil.

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Knight_Crawler2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

From a Nintendo source...Megaton coming next month...all he said was recharge your flash light batteries we have the remedy for the darkness.

Edit: Could be Alan Wake or maybe Luagies Mansion : ( but remember that Remedy owns the AW ip and MS said that they will publish AW2 if it sold well which we know the sales did not meet MS expectation...AW2 on the Wii U is very much possible if Nintendo offer to publish it.

Smart move on Nintendos side too becuase they will capture a diffrent group of gamers...I know some of you dont belive me but this did come from a Nintendo insider.

stuntman_mike2277d ago

you dont mean...


Sir Alan of Wake!!

KMCROC2277d ago

Alan Wake 2 or whatever it is called & has not been cancelled, besides Remedy is not in the same rough spot that PG was in remedy does have a publisher for AW. besides i don't see MS letting go of Remedy a great & small developer & easy to support go anywhere.

Knight_Crawler2277d ago

"besides i don't see MS letting go of Remedy a great & small developer & easy to support go anywhere"

@KMC - First of MS does not own Remedy. Also you must be new to gaming and do not understand how MS operates. MS is well know for cancelling or not publishing 3rd party games if they dont meet the Halo or Gears numbers.

"Remedy is not in the same rough spot that PG"
I guess you did the internal audit for Remedy to know how they are financially...Just becuase they are a small studio does not mean that they dont incurre large cost, remember they started from scrach to make the AW engine and have no ips except AW.

MS had a one game deal with Remedy and they said that the future of AW2 depends on how well ot sold...which did average and was bundled with the 360.

I dont see why you have a problem with Nintendo publishing this game rather than MS canning it and we do not get tp play it all.

neogeo2277d ago

Good show lad! I will buy everyone a round of +bubs for that comment:)

Anon19742277d ago

For me, just adding the pro-controller option was enough for me to take another look. I bought the Wii at launch but ultimately just found the Wii-mote too limited and frustrating a control device for my liking. I would have felt completely differently about my Wii if a standard controller had been an option.

I could care less about that ipad like thingy Nintendo's selling this time around, but as I have no interest in using my Vita as a controller, nor do I want to use my phone or tablet with my 360. Just give me a standard controller and then give me some games that don't rely on waggle instead of button presses. That's not too much to ask, and apparently Nintendo sees that. Support the Wii-motes for families and gamers who like that, but don't forget about core gamers and their gaming preferences. Hell, you'll sell more accessories that way. What do you have to lose?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Why trust a company so easy when they abandoned you so easy last gen?

Sony has never almost or completely left the hardcore unlike MS & Nintendo. Truth be told.

They haven't succeed with the hard core since N64. Gamecube failed & wii was a casual success. Now we greet wiiU with open arses?

Also nintendo needs some new fresh games & less mario this and that.

more like this or something.

In reality it has been 12+ years since they have successful competed in hardcore gaming. They feel like the new guys.

Sorry but they have a lot of hard work to do & this is why they are buying Bayonetta. kinda a MS move and less nintendo like. I wonder if they will buy more.

Also they have no next gen games. Which baffles me why it is marketed as next gen. Like a car lot with no cars.

Nintendo is already behind BF4 top level quality.

No wonder EA boss only mentioned ps4/720.

just facts. Hate it or love it. Most likely hate lol.

mulder16172277d ago

Since when is Super Mario U a "hardcore" game? Rated E is not "hardcore"

Tastynoodle2277d ago

Try to get a 3 year old to finish a classic Mario game without any of the help features they have these days. Just because the rating system says it's suitable for kids doesn't mean they can play them. It just means there isn't a lot of standard 'hardcore' themes.

rpd1232277d ago

Yeah because Super Mario is seen as a "hardcore" game. /s

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NYC_Gamer2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Nintendo only could please me by creating new franchises with different themes

chadboban2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Like Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Eternal Darkness, Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven, Elite Beat Agents, etc. right? Oh yeah, I forgot that we always conveniently forget anything new Nintendo has done whenever these kinds of conversations happen. I mean they don't create new IPs with the same amount of frequency that Sony does. I mean Sony has created a real nice catalog of new franchises this gen and there is still more to come. But I just can't stand when people scorn Nintendo for not doing anything new and only making Mario and Zelda and when they finally do something new, people ignore it.

Tastynoodle2277d ago

I don't know if a Zelda game will be enough to sell the system to hardcore players again but... it would certainly sell it to me.

Then I'd sell it back.

neogeo2277d ago

A true hardcore gamer is not a fanboy that plays only halo or COD. that's just a pimple faced punk kid. In fact being a fanboy makes you a casual gamer. Think about it. I own all systems and PC and retro. Any game that dares to challenge me gets destroyed. No matter if it's Mario, Zelda, Cod, Uncharted or whatever. Hardcore means difficult to me and Metroid and Zelda are not easy. I'm a hardcore gamer and I will challenge other so called hardcore gamer to pick up a good RPG from the 90's and beat it.

stuntman_mike2277d ago

Planescape there was a game, also the first Legacy of Kain on PS1.

Tastynoodle2277d ago

I was 13 when the Wii launched and was all hyped over each video Nintendo showcased the system with beforehand. I grew up with my N64 and adored my Gamecube but never managed to be latched by the majority of Nintendo's IPs outside of Zelda and Pokemon.

Following that still spine tingling Twilight Princess announcement at E3 I was fully sold on the machine and got it along with Red Steel on day one.

After completing both of those games I hardly touched the thing until I eventually sold it. Over the years if began to accumulate the more 'hardcore' titles but at a much slower rate than other consoles or, for me, the PC. So I'm just a little apprehensive to have my mind skip to a decision only to regret it again later.

I'm just such a huge Zelda fan that Link alone sells a system to me. As he did with the 3DS (which I sold again).

But I do love me a good JRPG!

DivineAssault 2277d ago

Can anyone point out the differences in visuals for wii & wii u versions of dragon quest x? i dont see any but there might be some features or something i dont know about (besides pad control) i want the game but im not buying a console if i dont need to


samtheseed2277d ago

Why did you ask that here? They said last year that the Wii U version wouldn't look any different, so what were you expecting exactly from a cell-shaded art style? It'd look the same on a top end PC. There are no textures, just vectors.

The image quality will be better and the resolution will be at least 720p. With it being of the art style it is, this game should be a candidate for 1080p, but we'll see.

DivineAssault 2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

i never knew they said that.. sheesh did i hit a nerve? Honestly i was expecting a difference in visuals similar to how rayman origins is to legends.. shadowing, lighting, etc.. Or maybe some added features & content. I asked that here cuz the headline says "CORE" in it & i figured a core gamer could tell me.. Not a rampant heathen thats takes offense from a simple question

rpd1232277d ago

He was doing something that I like to call "cunting".

PopRocks3592277d ago

Simply put out more core games. That's pretty much all they need to do. Those who don't possess loyalty to a single brand will be interested and give it a go at one point or another. Beyond that, maintain a stream of content for the machine and don't let the gaming droughts that affected their last three generations happen again.

blue_cheese2277d ago

exactly bring DS franchises to the Wii U and bring back some franchises like Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and F-Zero while also having multiplatform titles. that will make the Wii U pretty hardcore imo.

stuntman_mike2277d ago

would really like a proff layton and pheonix wright on WiiU that would be awesome.

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