Nintendo Land for Wii U requires Wii Remote Plus

XMNR: While the Wii U will support original Wii controllers and the Wii Remote Plus, a Nintendo representative confirmed Nintendo Land will require the latter in an interview released Thursday

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NukaCola1914d ago

This is another reason I am waiting. I don't own a Wii anymore, so I don't own all the Wiimotes that will be needed. I will get one next year sometime, but I have other things to pay for..for now at least.

Hatsune-Miku1914d ago

every Nintendo device requires a flipping add-on.they are always incomplete

SonyNGP1914d ago

Every console that was released required a flipping add-on. Ignorant troll.

ZeekQuattro1914d ago

All gaming systems technically have add ons. Kinect and Move are both add ons. The eye toy was also an add on. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around your logic. Who comes up with this stuff?

Carl_Shocker1914d ago

Whats the point relying on devices used in the previous gen...come on Nintendo.

I really think they should of left the Wii motes behind...let us play our games with them if we want but don't make NEED them.

Whole point of a new gen is so you can try and move on from the old one.

PopRocks3591914d ago

You don't NEED them. There probably won't be a majority of games that require them. In fact that only game I can think of so far that does is Nintendo Land, and that's strictly for the attractions that require them.

If you want to move on, use the gamepad and the Pro controller.

DivineAssault 1914d ago

dont listen to him.. Hes justifying it.. This is nothing more than a HD Wii.. Even Kotaku said the pro controllers feel cheap & the rumble is barely noticeable.. When Samus & Link arrive, they might have their heads out their a$$e$ & maybe itl be worth looking at.. Rumors suggest its the same art style as skyward sword tho, so u figure it out

Carl_Shocker1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

"Rumors suggest its the same art style as skyward sword tho, so u figure it out "


Why would they do that...they have HD now, a dark, gritty HD Zelda game would be amazing. Twlight Princess was great when it came to it's chosen art style but SS...I don't know, it was pretty I'll give it that but out of all the main Zelda games it was pretty forgetable.

PopRocks3591914d ago


What? How am I justifying it? I'm disproving it, you tool. The complaint is about reliance on Wii remotes and if you look at the FACTS then you can see that most games probably won't even need them outside of Nintendo Land.

DivineAssault 1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I HIGHLY doubt they would implement the old wii motes into wii u if they werent planning on using them for a LOOOOONG time.. Plus no your wrong.. All them casual games with multiplayer (not online) use them last gen dildos.. & pls no name calling.. Its a simple debate so no need for hate.. I hope im wrong about the syward sword art style.. The article was on here a cpl wks ago & it made me real upset.. Nintendo flat out said "what was shown at E3 was ONLY a tech demo" too meaning dont expect that just like they did with gamecubes tech demo..

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Muffins12231914d ago

Dont forget your 100 dollar wiiu remote also

live2play1913d ago

how can they forget about it...?
it comes with the system

i dont even

for we are many1914d ago

Good, I still have 4 of them. It's good that Wii U is fully backward compatible with wii's controllers, as I believe that wiimote+ had excellent 1:1 motion control and opened interesting gameplay approaches but the games were restricted by the low technical capabilities of the Wii, especially not being HD. Now with the superior, full HD hardware, it's only up to developer's imagination and creativity to utilize many unique control interfaces.

live2play1913d ago

if people have old wii remotes sans motion plus they can just buy the add-on

if they have motion+ already then your set

i thought people would have liked not having to buy new sets of controllers...?

or maybe its the nintendo hate filter that just looks for the bad in everything

Man-E-Faces1914d ago

I am sorry to say this but that picture with 1 GAMEPAD and 3 Wii motes with 4 split screens looks ridiculous and is a very telling picture on how Nintendo half assed this console. What we should be seeing is 4 GAMEPAD'S with 1 picture on the t.v maybe a zoomed out perspective of the action showing all 4 players a top down view of sorts with the regular perspective displayed on your own personal GAMEPAD. Wii remotes should only be required with Wii titles not NEW WiiU games, really damn do I have to look at the back of every WiiU box to see what controller a game is compatible with AGAIN! This nonsense is what turned me away from so many Wii games and now Nintendo is shoving it our way again.

brother_zero1914d ago

4 GamePads = $600 US, yeah that would have been a good sell for Nintendo Land. Please. The controller is half the price of the console, so they devised a way to use the existing much cheaper controllers.

brother_zero1914d ago

Are people really bitching about this? The Wii Remote Plus has been available for quite some time, and improved the functionality of the Wii considerably. How exactly would Wii U games work with both the Plus and the original Wii Remote? Think folks - if Nintendo were being money-grubbing bastards they'd be requiring us to buy all-new Wii U versions of those legacy controllers. They're actually being relatively player-friendly about it, all things considered.

mttrackmaster381914d ago

I think people are misunderstanding. You don't NEED a Wii Remote Plus to play the game. You just can't use a regular Wii Remote.

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