New Puppeteer screenshots

Sony released new screenshots of Puppeteer.

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NukaCola2280d ago

This looks to be one of the most impressive 2.5D games to date. I love the style to the game. Very LBP-esk yet also Tim Burton-ey. I love it already!

ado9082280d ago

Honestly this has got to be one of the most creative game to be coming out in a long time. I love everything about the game. The art style, Graphics, music, the gameplay all looks really fun. Can't wait to get this game and I can see this game rating 90+ on meteoritic. Not that it matters tho because Im still getting it

smashcrashbash2280d ago

So the scissors can cut through giant waves of water too? Well it is a magical pair of scissors so it being able to do that is no big stretch I guess.