Reader App Coming to PS Vita, Watch the First Video

At TGS, Sony has unveiled a new electronic book reading software for the PlayStation Vita, which you can see below. The user starts the application in the same manner as any other, and then is shown scrolling through a selection of books. Specifically, those are manga volumes. He settles on one from the Fate series, Fate Stay Night.

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knifefight2043d ago

Hopefully it's free. More little free capabilities like that can't hurt.

dbjj120882043d ago

If it's not free, I see a really low adoption rate, which in turn means not as many manga publishers will hop on the band wagon.

Pretty much the exact same situation the Vita is in.

DarkTower8052043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

It all depends what formats it reads. I have a ton of ebooks in epub format. If it can read epubs I won't mind paying a couple bucks for it. Free it better though :)

darthv722043d ago

first off, i dont have the vita (dont hold that against me) and second, I was under the impression that the Vita used a custom Android based OS.

Now if the later was true, then why isnt sony working more to simply have apps that are supported by android devices work on the vita?

I would think there are several different reader apps available that would work without sony having to make one themselves. Kindle and Nook apps are pretty simple and free.

The more they can find a way to integrate the vita into everyday lifestyle the more it could gain acceptance in the portable market. Just a thought.

And if the later was false then I retract my original question.

CommonSenseGamer2043d ago

Sony wishes to keep the Vita locked down just like they did with the PSP. Its the main reason I'm not interested as the Vita does not support the apps I'm used to. I certainly dont care for returning to having to convert videos for Vita playback.

NewMonday2043d ago

this is the best comic reader app i have seen, would love to have it on my Galaxy Note.

i want to know what format the manga files are on.

Sony should be brave and let more non gaming apps on the Vita.

the Vita OS is not based on Android as far as i know, only games on the PS Mobile development platform are compatible across different OS's

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guitarded772043d ago

Pretty sure it will be free... but will cost per issue.

doctorstrange2043d ago

Open up PlayStation Mobile to app development.

ftwrthtx2043d ago

Is that the comic book app that the psp has?

FragGen2043d ago

Looks fairly similar. It would be awesome if they're backward compatible. :) I already have a few PSP comics I'd like to reread on the Vita.

VitaOwner2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I've already uploaded some comics like Naruto to my Vita but can't wait to see the full potential of this app. I see the possibility of full novels as well which could make the Vita Kindle-esque.

DivineAssault 2043d ago

nice addition.. I want ecolibrium on it tho.. Why does Europe get it & frobisher says for free & no release date yet for the US?

zgoldenlionz2043d ago

I'm dying to get frobishers says in the US. I DL'd the demo when I first got my vita and play it most days atleast a few times. Now I just want to be able to buy the DLC hopefully it won't be too long.

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