Why don't we know more about the Wii U's online gameplay features?

ARS - In a series of international press events last week, Nintendo filled in a lot of the gaps in the public's knowledge of the upcoming Wii U, including launch date and pricing information. But among all the announcements, there was one major omission: how will the system handle online multiplayer games?

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DivineAssault 2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Beautiful article.. I highly suggest ppl take this into consideration because its true.. The fact that Nintendo land, Mario Bros U, & Zombie U dont have online is a clear indication that something fishy is going on.. I believe the system is more than capable of doing things that surpass current gen but potential isnt enough.. I lost faith in their vision about the gaming industry.. Especially living in the US where we dont see 1/2 of the great software japan gets from them.. Another round of mario karts n zeldas is a no brainer

mike1up2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Lmao @ beautiful article. You guys make a really cute couple.

Sure, given Nintendo's online track record, it is a fair question to ask. Although, I personally think it's a little early to start declaring absolute truths. We know that a Nintendo Network (in some form) does exist... so, what exactly do you find fishy?

A week ago, we had no idea about Bayonetta 2 coming to the WiiU. So, we know that silence does not always have to amount to bad news. There are times when silence is just silence.

DivineAssault 2276d ago

jump for joy all u want for getting ONE game exclusive from the rest that wasnt too damn popular to begin with.. Bayonetta (although awesome) isnt a system seller to many.. I wouldnt get too excited fairy boy, ive been a nintendo supporter for decades since the 80s & i see how theyve been treating westerners for the past 20 years.. The wii u will not be all you guys think it will.. Just remember my words when a life long drought of 3rd party hits.. Sure there will be a few here n there & 1st party will rock, but i wont buy into their launch consoles ever again.. When zelda hits, itl be cheaper, more games, & ill get the enjoyment that all of u will be waiting years for

mike1up2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

"Fairy boy", that's funny.

Look... I didn't even play the first Bayonetta. So, if you claim that it's not a system-seller then fine. It's not a system-seller. My point was that the announcement was good news. There was good WiiU news announced 2 months before launch, understand? Not all silence has to be "fishy".

LX-General-Kaos2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

You may have lost faith in the Nintendo brand, but Nintendo has not lost faith in you. When Nintendos revolutionary online is fully up and functional, you too will not be forgotten and will have your fair chance to experience then next generation of Elite Nintendo gaming just as many others around the world.

There will be plenty of Nintendo quality exclusive offerings, multiplats, new IPs, ports, and online features to keep even the hardest core of Nintendo critics entertained well into the future. If you are not ready to take the next generation leap that is your own choice. But Nintendo extends its innovative hand out to you whenever you are ready.

Nintendos futuristic online setup is not just the next generation of online features and gaming. But a new generation. Sporting never before seen presentation, and new ways to communicate to other Nintendo supporters online. With a Nintendo style twist. All presented to you seamlessly through the tablet like functions of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system innovative touch screen controls. With built in camera functions, and Skype like video chat and messaging.

A new generation of online entertainment..

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

tigertron2276d ago

Now I know you work for Nintendo.

BrutallyBlunt2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

"When Nintendos revolutionary online is fully up and functional"

That's the key, when. I have a feeling the service will be a work in progress much like how Sony's was. This is another reason why i'm going to wait until next year to see how the Wii U stacks up. They took a year trying to explain the Wii U and changing its design along the way and i expect it will take another year for Nintendo's Network on the Wii U to come to fruition. Nintendo does not work at a fast pace.

Also when you leave the features up to the 3rd party publishers you don't get a fully cohesive online experience. I remember playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and how terrible that experience was getting started online.

Venox20082276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

thats your choice..but I think they always will have some surprises that no one expects, but no need to think they are doing conspiracy like you think.. other thing I think they'll get lots of 3rd party support in a future, because when other consoles will arrive,development costs will be up, so it'll be cheaper to make games on Wii U,while still they'll look decently because of HD..

and I think their online is cool, it just needs some time

Persistantthug2276d ago

Nintendo has almost zero online experience or infrastucture....this is actually true with most Japanese based game developers.

Nintendo's lack of a real harddrive was telling that they have little in the way of seriousness for their online component, and you don't just create one overnight.

The Wii U will suffer regarding its online experience, and it was pretty obvious to anyone that was willing to look at it objectively.

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Gamer-Z2276d ago

Well this has me kinda worried i hope it doesn't turn into a situation like MGS4 online with konami ID's.

GhostHero3332275d ago

If the online is not at least as good as psn then I will not buy. If it is as great as Xbox that would be awesome. And yes I have played several games on both pen and Xbox had a better time on Xbox every time.