Borderlands 2's Pre-Order Bonuses are the Best (or Worst) of the Year

Forbes - A few weeks ago, I was picking up Sleeping Dogs at my local Gamestop. When I went to check out, the clerk went into the all-too familiar speech about if there were any games I’d like to pre-order ahead of time. For once, there actually was.

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DarkZane2273d ago

I am 100% certain that the creature slaughter dome will be available as DLC at some point. It's too good of a way to make money for them to let it remain exclusive.

dumahim2273d ago

I agree it'll probably be DLC at some point.

Article states pre-order bonuses started out as skins and special edition weapons, but I disagree. Before those became common, I remember getting physical stuff as a pre-order incentive like the messenger bag with Mirror's Edge or the 20th Anniversary goodies for Castlevania Portrait of Ruin. I know there was other neat stuff that I missed out on. This was some actual sweet swag for nothing more than giving Gamestop a temporary loan and allowing them to harrass you. I guess this became too expensive and the bean counters got involved and figured they could pay someone to recolor a gun in-game and allow thousands of players to access it for practically nothing.

Also, he's blowing the importance of the B2 pre-order items way out of proportion. The gun pack pretty much sucks and on my first character, I actually stuck with the first gun you get out the cabinet. The relic? A nice item, but it's a 5% boost. You're certainly not going to be seeing rare items falling out of chests left and right.

With that aside, why question the need for pre-order gifts? Isn't it obvious? It entices people to buy the game early and at full price instead of waiting and buying it used or at a discount. It's the FAR better option than try to do some online pass crap.

MasterD9192273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

You're right. Gearbox released a statement saying it will be down the line.

I haven't even seen the DLC myself and I have it for pre-ordering the game. Apparently, you won't get to that area where it is located for a bit into the game anyways so it isn't like you can just jump into it from the start, or start screen.

I'm a level 13 and still haven't been there.