Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita version) Hands-on Impression from TGS [GameRevolution]

GR: Three Asian journalists and one white journalist walk up to a table and sit down. This is not the beginning of a joke.

No, this was the situation when I played the Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 at the Tokyo Game Show. The booth worker pointed to me and said "And the player in THIS chair is the team leader!"

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knifefight2070d ago

The Vita needs some good RPGs like this.

dbjj120882070d ago

Agreed. I really can't wait for PSO2 to come stateside.

gamer78042070d ago

I agree, i hope it comes stateside for vita. fingers crossed

R_aVe_N2070d ago

Ill add that one to my list for sure.

Griffin48712070d ago

Been playing since the Japanese closed beta. It is very fun and runs very well on low end PCs despite it's slick graphics. Only thing is that it lacks content, but it is a full action MMO. And I still play it alongside GW2.

fei-hung2070d ago

Looking forward to this. Played PSO 1st on the Dreamcast and then again on the XBox.

Like the others, I hope it's not subscription based or f2p.

Anyone know how the pricing will work on this?

asyouburn2070d ago

iirc, it's free to play, with microtransactions

Griffin48712070d ago

Like Burn said, it is free to play with a Cash Shop. It's an MMO. If you don't like subs or F2P, then MMOs aren't for you, unless you are into GW2's B2P model.

fei-hung2069d ago

Well I seem videos and it looks and plays like its predecessor Phantasy Star Online and that wasn't an MMORPG from what I remember. It had a huge SP campaign, online play and downloadable quests.

I wasn't sure if this was going to be the same or different and if it were to be different, how much it would differ to PSO.

Griffin48712069d ago

No dude. It's completely online. It's an MMO. I've been playing it since JP beta and it's no different on Vita. And quests aren't actually downloaded; it's just an in-game concept.

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