Reminder: Take 2 investor meeting tonight GTA V info possible

Take 2 is airing its investors meeting for everyone to listen to but will they spill any beans on GTA V's release.

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majiebeast2277d ago

Not holding my breath for it.

Hisiru2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

GTAV confirmed for PS3/x360/PC and... surprise... WiiU + probably release date.

fermcr2277d ago

What I'm expecting the most from Take 2 is XCOM Enemy Unknown. Release it next week instead of 12 October, and I'll be very happy.

NYC_Gamer2277d ago

I'm not expecting any GTAV news tonight

Kran2277d ago

God sake.

Here we go again. I think people are a little bit too obsessed by this game. Do you remember when people thought the release date would be revealed in a finance meeting?


It was neither the time or the place.

EliteDave932277d ago

Very much doubt they gonna mention GTAV.

jd6662277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Some people actually think this is coming out this year!!! They actually think they're going to be playing it within 12 WEEKS TIME!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA