PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) Hands-on Impression [Tokyo Game Show] PSLS

PSLS: I took Raiden out against Kratos, Fat Princess, and Sir Daniel Fortesque in a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…battle royale. Some of you have been playing a beta version of this game, so I might not be telling you anything you don’t know, but I’ll give my quick take on the TGS demo that I played. Raiden handled quite well, very easy to control and straightforward, as I imagine most character might be. He primarily slashed with his sword and let out fierce side kicks as his main offensive maneuvers. I enjoyed the game’s well-documented system of building up to different levels of special attack, though against these CPU failbots, his level one special was practically always killing someone.

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knifefight2154d ago

Should have picked Parappa because of all the recent controversy and then just run away the whole time. (...Or not.)

Has anyone playing this recently seen Kat? I need a Kat confirmation, dangit!

NukaCola2154d ago

Kat was in that pic with Loco Roco level. Since the Loco Roco level was confirmed, I am more than 100% positive that Kat will be in it. Don't worry man, she's in there.

Reverent2154d ago

Agreed. Kat is such a badass. The game needs more women, and she's definitely one hell of a women.

Thirty3Three2154d ago

The picture was fake however I still believe she'll make the cut.

Reasons for it being fake:

-In the fake image, Loco Roco was mixed with SotC
-The stage is actually mixed with MGS
-The character sizes in correlation to the stage differ between the fake image and the real one. Unless the characters 'resize' themselves, it's fake.
-Blurry, side-view snapshot of a television/computer screen.

dbjj120882154d ago

I wish they had some of these new characters in the beta!