GTA 5: Six Open Worlders Rockstar Could Learn From

OXM - Grand Theft Auto used to be one of a kind - a frontier city, lawless and free. Nowadays, though, the open world genre is almost as populous and prosperous as the FPS. Everybody, his uncle and his uncle's dog wants a crack, whether it's superheroic gadding about, sweaty tussles in the African underbrush or a murderous whistlestop tour of 15th century Rome.

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ZBlacktt2275d ago

Just plated Sleeping Dogs the other day. That was a really good game! Not only is the combat fun. You can disarm people as well. You can drift cars around corners, etc. The slow motion combat action effects are great too.

ZBlacktt2275d ago

The randomness of Skyrim.

Hazmat132275d ago

parkour, customization like cars and stuff, have the ability to feel like your in control of a city or feel like you are the king pin of a drug cartel.

Syaz12275d ago

"In Grand Theft Auto 3, there's a bit where you chase a traitorous mafia stooge around with a chainsaw."

What?! That was in GTA Vice City!

DeadManMcCarthy2275d ago

I thought it was Liberty City Stories.

Syaz12275d ago

I haven't played GTA Liberty City Stories yet, so I wouldn't know that. But there's certainly no mission in GTA 3 where you can chase a traitor mafia with a chainsaw. I replayed GTA 3 less than a year ago and remembered no such thing.

SnakePayne2274d ago

yes there is one in GTA LCS, and there is another one in Vice City.

DeadManMcCarthy2275d ago

Yeah, you're right about that. GTA 3 doesn't even have chainsaws to begin with lol.

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