FIFA 13 Celebrations

FIFPlay: See how you can celebrate after scoring goals in FIFA 13.

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Belking2157d ago

Pes celebrations are better and more realistic.

Ares84HU2157d ago

No Zoltan Gera celebration??? FAIL!!! :D

Perjoss2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

this is cool, i love the one where he pretends to gun down the other players and they all play dead :D

GFahim2157d ago

love the fact that ea put the celebration of demba ba and cisse. they are prostrating to God just like how Muslims do in prayers. as a Muslim i approve! :)

Abdou232157d ago

Love the one with Ba & cisse. I like how EA is trying t oappeal to the arab world. Firs tArabic commentary & menus and now this.

Respect to EA

3-4-52157d ago

The Game is a world sport. Every year they seem to be incorporating more world themes into the game, which is a good thing.