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TheGamersHub: "Besides the strict (and stupid) re-skilling system – or real lack off – Torchlight II delivers an action-RPG more centred on fun experimentation rather than endless gear grinds for little reason – but offers the option if that’s really your sort of thing. Almost everything about Torchlight II stands above the rest without it being all that clear as to why."

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Starfox8111888d ago

I'll be honest, never played Torchlight but I've heard good things, and I've heard better about TL2 so may well have a look at it.

Tastynoodle1888d ago

Please do. I'll be playing a lot of it even after 30 hours.

ShadyDevil1888d ago

Looks awesome. Might have to pick it up. I hear its better than Diablo 3 in a few ways.

vega2751888d ago

3 more hour and I'll be playing tonight

PersonaCat1888d ago

Have mine fully preloaded and good to go. I go from having no games to having lbp and now this :o