I Hate the Wii U Pro Controller

Kotaku - Okay, so Nintendo is releasing a new console (the Wii U) with a new controller (called the Wii U GamePad). I'm actually cool with the GamePad—even though it's quite wide. It opens up new takes on multiplayer, which is a very good (and welcome) thing. What I hate is the Wii U Pro Controller.

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Hatsune-Miku2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I hate the Wii u and its controllers except the pro controller

Abash2247d ago

Doesnt sound like it's anywhere near worth the $50 they're asking for. There is nothing worse than using a crap controller while gaming, Im disappointed

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32247d ago

"The buttons are not clicky, but mushy, and the whole affair feels, well, uninspired."

Are they speaking of the face buttons or the thumbsticks? Becaue neither DS3 nor 360 gamepad's face buttons are "clicky" but "mushy".

-Mika-2247d ago

Ya im looking at it and it just looks cheap. Even the article say it feels cheap. I guess nintendo trying to get away with charging $50 like the other guys but like always. The difference between Sony/Microsoft compared to Nintendo is that the other guys aren't afraid to provide it customers with a item that worth it asking price. This controller should honestly be $20.

PopRocks3592247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )


How do you determine the value by how light it is and how it feels in your hand? That says nothing about the actual tech inside of it. That and Nintendo historically makes their controllers look and feel similarly to plastic toys. Not a big surprise given that children are part of their consumer base.

The SIXAXIS controller was light as hell and had no rumble. How was that worth the asking price and this isn't?

Bimkoblerutso2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

^No one liked that controller either. It's why it was eventually updated.

Obviously we've got to feel the controller for ourselves, but color me slightly worried. I've read from a few places that this controller feels noticeably cheap and flimsy.

But at the same time, you're right, this isn't unlike Nintendo. Their stuff almost always feels very toy like, and yet they've easily made some of the best controllers ever. Maybe this is just Kotaku being Kotaku....

omarzy2247d ago

@popRocks. Don't ask Mika rational questions.

stragomccloud2247d ago

I don't think it's worth it either, I think 40 tops. I still don't have any idea how microsoft got away with charging that much either, and we really had no choice but to pony up.

mewhy322246d ago

this is a shameless copy of the Xbox controller. I happen to prefer the Xbox controller to all others but I haven't tried this one from Nintendo. The shape looks friendly but I can't really say any more than that.

gaffyh2246d ago

I wouldn't mind "mushy" buttons, but the thing that would worry me about this controller design is that it seems very easy to accidentally hit the face button when using the right analog stick.

Reibooi2246d ago

To be honest I don't plan on buying a Wii U unless I can use all games with the pro controller or a 3rd party version of it assuming Nintendo's really is cheap.

I don't like gimmicks and that is as far as I'm concerned exactly what the tablet controller thing is a gimmick. Everybody looks at it now and goes oh it's not a gimmick it's cool think of all you can do with it. Those same people said that about the original Wii and look how quickly that gimmick wore thin and the devs drop that console like a dead puppy. I don't like any of this gimmick gaming. I don't like Kinect and I don't like MOVE they just feel stupid.

There are a few games coming to the Wii U that I would love to play but not if I can't use a normal controller.

Anon19742246d ago

Hell, I'm just happy to see something resembling a normal controller. I didn't like the six-axis either (I agree that the weight just but I'll take that light ass, no vibration six-axis over the blasted Wii-mote any day of the week. The only reason I'm even considering a Wii-U purchase in the future is due to the option of a standard controller.

pixelsword2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

The Wii U controller took the best concepts from the 360 (big controller) and PS3 controller (symmetrical sticks) and somehow it's a bad thing. It's basically a 360 controller with a symmetrical PS3 stick layout, which I almost agree with because the off-centered controllers kinda sucked. But what I don't like about the Wii U layout is that the d-bad being down like the 360's is that it's harder to quickly hit the d-pad buttons with your thumb on the 360 like that and I hit the wrong buttons a lot, so even though I don't like the PS3 controller's size, I do like the layout, so I'm gonna say overall the PS3 layout will be the best for me, the Wii U second, and the 360 last for now.

I think the mushy buttons may make the buttons last longer with a "cheaper" cost to manufacture. I'm not certain as I haven't actually held the controller, but that's just a theory.

And yeah, the PS3 buttons are "clicky", I can't recall about the 360 buttons, but I don't recall them being mushy and I'm not about to go into a closet and dig one up to double-check though.

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nintendojunkie282247d ago

"I hate the Wii u and its controllers"

Yet,you're always the first to comment on Wii U related articles.I will never understand the mind of the PS fanboy.

Lord_Sloth2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Come now. We know he enjoys a PS product because he sports Miku Hatsune but that doesn't mean he's a PS fanboy. He may prefer the 360 or the PC and simply like Hatsune.

Besides, all fanboys are bad. Let's not just attack 1 kind.

Brosy2246d ago

No Miku-Hatsune is a sony fanboy. Just look at how many bubbles he has. Hes also first to comment on any sony related or xbox related articles.

stragomccloud2247d ago

Don't you ever get tired of trolling Wii U articles? Do you have anything better to do?

Rockoman162247d ago

Don't you ever get tired of trolling?


right on man. jesus, give the guy anymore disagrees why dont ya?
forgive us for being more conventional gamers...

Bigpappy2246d ago

Okay, if we play let's hate the wii all this week, can we play something else next week?

Is this thing even released yet? How did so many get to test the controller?

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NYC_Gamer2247d ago

That one analog is placed in the wrong spot

linkratos2247d ago

That's what I always say about the DualShock 3.

MaxXAttaxX2246d ago

That's what is said about the N64 controller.
Right in the middle... Whose bright idea was that. My thumb doesn't stretch that far. I had to move my hand.

MaxXAttaxX2246d ago

Btw, if you think I'm being a fanboy, I like more symmetrical controllers (like my hands) and yes that includes the Wii U Pro controller layout, Wii Classic controller Pro AND DualShock.

Shok2247d ago

It's light? Ew, I don't like light controller either =/.

dasbeer882247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Yes let's start playing our next-generation consoles by using 80-pound controllers but 78 pounds of them are unnecessary weight, shall we?

MASTER_RAIDEN2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

LOL please stop talking.
the weight a controller has is actually really important. top quality items typically have a nice heft to them- makes it feel as if your holding something substantial while you game.
so please feel free to calm your tits. nobody is asking for "80 Pound controllers", so stop exaggerating to make it seem like its such an insaaannee request to ask for a controller with a little more weight. if the controller doesnt feel good in a persons hand because its too light and feels cheap, thats a huge problem.

ItsTrue2246d ago

So by your logic, everyone likes either -15°C or 1000°C showers right?

Khordchange2247d ago

Guys he was being sarcastic, cant believe you voted him down XD

Neo Nugget2246d ago

I don't think that was sarcasm :P

LOL_WUT2247d ago

It looks bulky i'd rather just stick to the gamepad than to use this controller.

M-M2247d ago

Your username comes to mind.

attilayavuzer2246d ago

You're right. I played a few games on my phone...just had too much bulk...switched to a tablet instead

for we are many2247d ago

Haters gonna hate...OK So What's next.. *I hate the wii u's HDMI cable* !!

torchic2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

there's nothing wrong with having legitimate concerns about a console's input device, it's not "hating"

to this very day I still complain about DS3's L2/R2 buttons, and if they play a vital role in a game I map them to another place, if possible. I also never got used to how flimsy DS3 feels compared to DS1 and DS2. now am I hating too? just for voicing opinions?

the mainstream has gone and butchered the word hater. it's almost like that tag is unavoidable.