Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Tokyo Game Show cam gameplay

The PlayStation Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is playable on the Tokyo Game Show show floor. Here’s the first off-screen gameplay footage of the upcoming MMORPG.

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VitaOwner2273d ago

I've never played this game before but it looks beautiful on the Vita. I will have to pick this up.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232273d ago

previous installs are amazing. you will have a good time with this.

SandwichHammock2273d ago

Wow, this has come along way since the first announcement and video. To me though, seeing how great this looks and plays on the PSV, is only salt to the wound in regards to Monster Hunter still not being on the platform.

SOD_Delta2273d ago

I would like to purchase a NA copy. I would also like to purchase God Eater 2.

Frodosmugins2273d ago

The original gave birth to whole bunch of mmorpg addicts! and since then I have never played a mmorpg thats so addictive on a console!

I really hope this comes out on PS3 or 360 otherwise Im looking at PC version..
PSV is nice and all but Iv lost touch with handhelds... allways used to buy them but never play on them..

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