GTA V: 10 Predictions That Will Come True

WC - It appears as though many of our readers are a little disenfranchised with the GTA series; GTA IV split fans asunder, and according the comments in my last piece on the subject (GTA V: 10 Reasons It’s So Unbelievably Hyped), many will be monitoring this new GTA game closely in order to decide whether or not they’re done with the series.

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attilayavuzer2154d ago

10.It'll break franchise sale records
9.It'll win back skeptics
8.It'll alienate another group
7.It’ll Get At Least One Perfect Review
6.It’ll Feature RPG Elements
5.The Protagonist Will Be From an Existing GTA Crime Family
4.It’ll Get a GotY Edition Release
3.It’ll Spark Controversy Yet Again
2.At Least One A-List Celebrity Will Feature as a Voice
1.It’ll Be Awesome!

Very presumptuous of them...

TheLyonKing2154d ago

Wow these guys are serious risk takers /S, but I suppose they did say that will come true.

claud32154d ago

1. Its gta and thats all you need to know

Kinger89382154d ago

Thank god theres another 10reasons list

TheLyonKing2154d ago

I be as well add to their list that there will be guns and cars cause I know that will be true oh and I have a feeling it will be open world.

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