Vergil Won't Be Playable in Dmc

Adam Jones' of Capcom has confirmed that DMC will not have Vergil as a playable character.

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tictac2612155d ago

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timeon111111111112146d ago

Vergil won't be playable because Ninja theory is overrated.

They have been tasked to release a game called DmC where they remake the same gameplay as seen in DMC 3/4, but with their art style, a "new" story and so on.

But since remaking gameplay for 1 character is tough enough for them, making the gameplay for Vergil will be to much for them because they won't be able to make it for the release date.

However, i believe few months after DmC i believe Capcom will release a "DLC" - Vergil will be playable...and that Ninja theory will then work on Vergil (if Capcom decides to make such DLC).