Console Games: Japan's Just Not That Into You


The games on display at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 give a clear picture of where the Japanese like to game their games these days: on the go with their smartphones and tablets. Here is a breakdown of how many games are being shown for each platform, as provided by the organizers of TGS.

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Godmars2902276d ago

Considering the production budget and other general resources involved, the first list comes off as a bit misleading.

ShaunCameron2276d ago

It makes sense since a lot of them live in really small apartment buildings and due to their work schedules and commuting times don't really have the time nor the interest in playing video games on a big screen.

dasbeer882276d ago

Just looking at the Tokyo Game Show pic itself saddens me that FF Versus XIII won't be shown there. :(

taquito2276d ago

consoles are on the decline big time, all over the world, sales are down, intrest is down

ms and sony DESPERATELY need new consoles asap!

nintendo is going to clean the floor with their tears this coming gen.

s45gr322276d ago

videogame consoles have run its course. The only way sony or microsoft can compete against nintendo is via a gaming tablet.

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