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Tom from Awesome Games writes: 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrives into fighting fans’ homes sporting a distinct retro vibe. Of course it’s a brand new game, built with cutting edge technology and a whole host of other new fancy features, but there’s no denying that Tekken’s return to the tag team format feels like a nostalgic reunion with an old, familiar friend.

The tried and tested formula of Namco’s premier pugilist is alive and well, with rock-solid frame rates, improved lighting and subtle incidental details prettying up the presentation values from Tekken 6. But under all the added glitz and glamour is a heavy punch of old school excellence – transporting original Tekken Tag Tournament fans on a Delorean of delight.'

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Enmson1316d ago

I love this game XD
Can't wait for the DLCs!

Enmson1316d ago

They are but the only thing you pay is for the music but i don't mind lol

BelieveinGhosts1316d ago

I love it but i have lost every online match. My last tekken experience before this was on PS one though

TheRichterBelmont1316d ago

As Lee Chaolan would say: