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Tom from Awesome Games writes: 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrives into fighting fans’ homes sporting a distinct retro vibe. Of course it’s a brand new game, built with cutting edge technology and a whole host of other new fancy features, but there’s no denying that Tekken’s return to the tag team format feels like a nostalgic reunion with an old, familiar friend.

The tried and tested formula of Namco’s premier pugilist is alive and well, with rock-solid frame rates, improved lighting and subtle incidental details prettying up the presentation values from Tekken 6. But under all the added glitz and glamour is a heavy punch of old school excellence – transporting original Tekken Tag Tournament fans on a Delorean of delight.'

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Enmson2277d ago

I love this game XD
Can't wait for the DLCs!

bladesofagony2277d ago

hope they are free of charge

Enmson2277d ago

They are but the only thing you pay is for the music but i don't mind lol

BelieveinGhosts2277d ago

I love it but i have lost every online match. My last tekken experience before this was on PS one though

TheRichterBelmont2277d ago

As Lee Chaolan would say: