Borderlands 2: Torque DLC Rumoured To Have 10 Hours Of Gameplay

SegmentNext - "A report suggests that a DLC is in the works for Borderlands 2, codenamed Torque"

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Lordchunk2159d ago

Loved the dlc for the first game the dlc for this will be good to gearbox know how to make great games.

Captain Qwark 92159d ago

thats a pretty good amount. if it ends up true i will def get the season pass!

spandle2158d ago

Effin hell, already?? I'm still waiting to play the damn game, Amazon have been saying Dispatching Soon all bloody day!

spandle2158d ago


It's been dispatched!

GameOn2158d ago

they posted mine late in the day too.

CrimsonessCross2158d ago

Right on, and at 10$ for DLC that'd be a dollar an hour if not more. And sometime it depends on how long it takes YOU to finish the content (side missions or not, for example).

But it would definitely get me to pick up a season pass as well. I know/knew Gearbox put out great content for the original, but I'd rather keep my money on a leash and make sure it's true again this time around :)

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