Borderlands 2 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad WSJ Review

The Internet is home to a ton of journalism of questionable merit. On the one hand, modern technology gives us all the opportunity to flex our reporting and editorializing muscles; on the other hand, not all of us are particularly good at it. Like anything else, you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to online journalism, especially when it comes to niche topics.

One place most of us wouldn’t expect to find such shoddy work is the Wall Street Journal. Surely such a prestigious media outlet employs only the finest wordsmiths who know their beats even better than I know my way from the couch to the refrigerator! Well, a recent Wall Street Journal review of Borderlands 2 proves that assumption wrong.

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TheHardware2037d ago

uhmmm, what respectable gamer would read the WSJ for a video game review? lol

good article though. that reviewer soundslike he researches games instead of playing them.

Phegan2037d ago

The problem isn't the hardcore gamer reading the review, it's the casual gamer who sees it and doesn't get the game because they hear it's something that it isn't.

GamerEuphoria2037d ago

But if the 'casual gamer' is looking at the game the chances are they weren't 'casual' to begin with

dazzrazz2037d ago

I actually read it just to see how much shit this dude brain can generate... and oh boi ! Its A LOT !

Bathyj2037d ago

Bu bu but, its not CoD.

Thank f*ck for that.

abzdine2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

"The Internet is home to a ton of journalism of questionable merit."

This is a good point and valid for every type of journalism, from Fox News CNN to the smallest website.

But regarding Borderlands 2, i dont think everyone should judge it the same way, people have different opinions different tastes and it is part of human nature. I didnt enjoy the little time i spent playing the first one and others loved this game. It's actually a good thing to have many opinions about a game then just note a game by expectation.

I dont know the intention nor the type of gamer the reviewer is, but the best reviewer is yourself. You have doubts go rent the game for a few hours and you'll know if it's a must buy, or NOT.

3-4-52036d ago

WSJ is a joke. It's a paper for followers who can't think for themselves.

They are easily manipulated and think the know more than they do. And the WSJ caters to that mindset. fools.