Top Ten Most Zombie-tastic Games of All Time

"As Marvel Comics character, part-time Avenger and X-Men member, and all-around disturbed individual Deadpool once said, “Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!~”. Indeed, the love that these shuffling, moaning, soulless creatures garner is unprecendented. This is especially true in video games, and there have been a number of great examples. But what are the absolute top ten most zombie-rrific (and other sad zombie puns) of all time?"

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Dazel2278d ago

Dead Island

Ganzi2278d ago

list is null and void for excluding DayZ. DayZ is one of the most origninal games ever made, and L4D2 is one of, if not the greatest co op game ever made. The walking dead episodes are pretty good, but I do not like the fact that there are 2 different resident evil games on the list.

StreetsofRage2278d ago

Haven't tried DayZ. From what I seen, it needs a lot more polish.

Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 easily takes best zombie game ever. The first Dead Rising was good too.