Borderlands 2 players experiencing splitscreen problems on the PS3

BeefJack writes: If you think you escaped from Borderlands 2 issues by getting it for the PS3, think again. While PC players have been experiencing game-breaking freeze issues, PS3 players are seeing some split-screen trouble.

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WiiUalpha2274d ago

Guess I'll be skipping out on this one til the PC bugs are worked out. Kinda sad that PS3/PC gamers have to go through this stuff even though we are 7 years into this generation.

lonesoul652274d ago

I get very small 1 or 2 second freezes maybe once every 2-3 hours...nothing game breaking and it doesn't crash the game or anything...other than that...its perfect = ) They have had some steam connection issues but not sure if that is BL2 or Steam

mewhy322274d ago

The Xbox version seems to perform fine. I already had this preordered for Xbox so I guess I dodged the bullet there. Sheww. Sounds similar to the problem that was on Skyrim for ps3. I'm sure they'll patch it soon and all will be well.
Anyway, this game is awesome. It lives up to the hype so far. I see it eating many hours of my life in the near future LOL.

R_aVe_N2274d ago

I haven't had any problem with splitscreen so far at least of course we always use seperate profiles I pretty much thought everybody did when playing the glory of split screen.

Brosy2274d ago

And so it begins. PS3 just cant catch a break on multiplats.

cpayne932274d ago

PC is having trouble on this one too, it's freezing up at times.

Information Minister2274d ago

I distinctively remember Persona 4 Arena having online issues on one of the consoles it was released on. I just can't remember which console it was. Can anyone help me with that one?... /s

tinezedw2274d ago

The ps3 version it's the best out of the two consoles,it's not even a big deal for most people.

Frankfurt2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Splitscreen in BORDERLANDS isn't a big deal? IN BORDERLANDS?!?!

LOL, you Sony fans will defend anything, even increasing the price of a console.

The PS3 just doesn't have enough RAM to handle non-linear, scripted games or even large games at all. Infamous is the only large game on PS3 that doesn't fall apart. Hell, the multiplat performance comparison list is still at a whooping 160 to 41 (!!!) for the XBox 360. It's not even a contest, the 360 is just the better choice by a mile.

If you have the PS3 version of a game, you have the inferior version. 160 to 41. Numbers don't lie.


ado9082274d ago

You should honestly stop speaking before you lose your last bubble. It has nothing to do with the RAM because honestly there are bigger games that consist of more ram on the the ps3 handles fine. It's the fact the game is just ported. Ports cause these problems not the PS3's ram.

cpayne932274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Oblivion was actually better on ps3 than 360, Assasin's Creed runs very well, Kingdoms of Almalur, heck generally the only open world games that has problems are the ones made by bethesda, like fallout and skyrim. Other than that, most other open world games are just fine.

But besides all that, I'm pretty positive it isn't a ram related issue at all. The problem seems to be in the coding, it's causing player 2 to pick the same profile as player 1, and sometimes deleting the data of one profile.

How is that a ram problem? Also, I haven't played it yet, but didn't borderlands 1 run just fine on ps3?

Edit: I'll be getting a 360 soon and part of me just wants to test some games so I can see how big the differences are, but I don't want to waste the money. -_-

Maybe I'll just borrow a few. In my limited experience, I haven't been able to tell that much of a difference.

thehusbo2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Get back under the bridge kid.

Information Minister2274d ago

I would say split-screen is a far lesser deal on the PS3 than it is on your platform of choice, considering the FREE ONLINE and all.

MasterCornholio2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Just go to Lens of Truth and you will discover that the PS3 version of Borderlands is running at a higher resolution than the 360 one.

Anyways besides that the two versions run the same with the PC version being the best. Whether you buy it for the PS3 or the 360 the game will play just fine unlike Skyrim for the PS3.

I guess frankfart looses.

Razgriz3832274d ago

Obviously you haven't seen the Last of Us

mcnablejr2274d ago

if that paragraph was geared towards the other console he would have allot more bubbles than that.

N4g what have you become.

HeavenlySnipes2274d ago

Why are you guys even responding to him? Its not like he'll stop trolling in the future

Tdmd2274d ago

I'll never understand this obsession with performance rivallity. I have a ps3 and can't afford having other console or a gaming PC, so maybe I have been getting all the inferior game versions so far. I don't know and as long there's no gamebreaking bugs in my games, neither do I care! I'll have a blast either way, so why bother with comparison articles at all? Seven years into this generation with one single console of choice and let me tell you: I have no regrets as my game collection grows bigger every month. And it is ridiculous to think about just how much fun I have with it. Furthermore, independent of which platform has the better performance statistics, I can't remember of a single playthrough in this whole cycle ruined for me due to poor performance. You people waste so much time and effort arguing, fighting and even insulting each other about such a huge frivolity as hardware performance that I wonder if you are not forgetting you can have just as much fun with what you actually own!

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PS4OUR2274d ago

Agreed Brosy. Cant wait for the PS4. Im sure Sony will make PS4 easier to develop for thus eliminating all these multiplatform problems the PS3 is now suffering from.

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