Analysts predict Blu-ray to kill off HD DVD

Gartner predicts what everyone already knows.

Technology analysts at Gartner have waded into the HD format war by claiming that HD DVD will be thoroughly killed off this year.

Things have looked pretty grave for Toshiba's HD DVD format ever since Warner Bros. declared that it would exclusively support Blu-ray.
"Gartner believes that Toshiba's price-cutting may prolong HD DVD's life a little, but the limited line-up of film titles will inflict fatal damage on the format,"

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chester3670d ago

yeah, they're going out on a limb there. do these guys actually get paid for stuff like this? ridiculous.

niall773670d ago

let me give it a shot.

PS3 to sell more this year then last year.

Price cut for 360/ps3/wii in the future.

EA to release a new Madden game this Fall.

cooke153669d ago

this has been posted 5 times now.