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New PS All-Stars Trailer Shows New Stages, Better Graphics, And More

DualShock Nexus: The new TGS 2012 trailer for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale was released not too long ago. We're here to let you know what's been added, changed, and confirmed. When compared to the previous builds of the game, it looks as though the game has gotten a great amount of polish. Let's get into our trailer breakdown, shall we? (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3, Tokyo Game Show)

Update Made a couple of tweaks to the article thanks to some feedback.

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Carl_Shocker  +   762d ago
...no new character reveal :|
WillGuitarGuy  +   762d ago
Yeah, I'm bummed about it too considering they revealed a bunch of characters prior to PAX Prime and we've yet to see some new peeps. Still, I enjoyed seeing the new build.
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Carl_Shocker  +   762d ago
They should hurry up and announce more things about the game. It comes out in November, thats a month and a half to go, it might seem like a while but you would be surprized how quickly time passes.

They should of least announced a FF character or a KH character since it's TGS
subtenko  +   762d ago
Will, great breakdown, but I want to check with you on the axe item. Are you sure that is new and not Baumusu's Axe from The Mark of Kri that we've already seen? Because we already know of that weapon in the game. You might have to edit that in this article. Cheers!
WillGuitarGuy  +   762d ago
@Subtenko Thanks for that. I wasn't aware that it was shown already. :)
crxss  +   762d ago
the new logo is definitely better than the old one.
jakmckratos  +   762d ago
HEY YALL..that was just the preshow the other day..sony has another "real presentation" coming up apparently on saturday where PSASBR will be one of the features. Don't fret. ALl signs point to lightning to be revealed in my opinion although I wish it was Sora or Cloud =( It's def a Square Enix character comin though! Kat will prob be shown too..I just want Wander and Hale to be revealed to complete my initial idea for a roster...Spyro, Crash and Kevin Butler would be icing on the cake though
Carl_Shocker  +   762d ago
If it's Lightning then I give up with Superbot

First they give us new Dante

Then they give us Raiden over MGS2 Raiden or even Snake (he might get announced who knows but not at this point)

and then they will give us Lightning, a crappy, boring, bland FF character over Cloud, Squall...hell most FF characters.....no...just no

I can't believe they would do this again...the third party support is turning into a promotion fest. If they want to promote a game for FF then I'd rather have Notics in the game from Versus, theres nothing stopping them there.
thehusbo  +   762d ago
Can't wait for this!!
majiebeast  +   762d ago
Dont give up hope yet saturday at tgs there is a pasbr panel so the reveal would most likely take place then.

Sly stage mashed up with LBP2 you can see negavitron in the background.
Locorocco stage mashed up with metal gear cause you can see metal gear ray.
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ginsunuva  +   762d ago
These mashups are slightly unfitting sometimes. Katamari should've been put with Dojo, and something else with locorocco.
Blastoise  +   762d ago
Thats the whole point though I suppose. They're not really suppose to match up. Thats why we've seen the patapon/God of war 3 hades stage.
Darth Stewie  +   762d ago
Disappointed with PSABR showing at TGS because I was hoping for a reveal of a few new characters like Crash, Cloud, and Kat instead they showed off some new stages that were already leaked. Anyway I can't wait for the game.

TGS sucked this year regarding announcements.
HammadTheBeast  +   762d ago
The actual panel will be on Saturday, where they will most likely reveal some Japanese characters.
ninjabake  +   762d ago
Only thing I wanna see when it comes to this game is Crash Bandicoot getting announced.
TheGameTagerZ  +   762d ago
They even changed the crappy music
ZeroX9876  +   762d ago
not a fan of Justice?
remanutd55  +   762d ago
i've got into the PS3 beta and i wasnt sure about getting it but yesterday i tried the psvita cross platform beta, oh my god for some reason i've had more fun playing the vita version than the ps3 one, 5 matches played on my vita and the game went from " not sure " to " pre ordered yesterday" its freaking good on the vita, graphics are great too.
GammaSix  +   762d ago
All I want to see is crash!
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Monolith  +   762d ago
I just thought of this. Maybe crash wont be in the game because activision owns the rights to the property. Wouldn't Sony now have to buy the property back. Same goes for spyro. Not sure if he's been announced. That would suck. You know activision will be all stingy about it too. Hopefully not.
admiralvic  +   762d ago
No, they would have to obtain a license for the characters. However, these things aren't as simple as people make them out to be. To get someone like Crash in the game, they would need to roughly do the following.

- Decide they want him.
- Figure out a course of action / proposal.
- Contact whomever has the rights and set up a meeting.
- Present your idea and lay out your plan. These would be things like, who you want, why you should, what you get for agreeing, etc.
- From here, the company might make a counter offer or flat out deny it.
- After this, a lot of legal stuff needs to happen and finally they can start work.

Now while this might be a overly formal very of what happens, it is more than just asking for the rights. Especially for someone like Crash / Spyro, since hes quite iconic for Sony.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   761d ago
It's in Activision's best interest to have Crash in this game, and for all the hate Activision get, they know what they're doing... Can you really imagine them passing up this opportunity?

Hate them all you want, but they've got no reason to be spiteful.

It'd be the perfect start to Crash's comeback.
Omar91  +   762d ago
now thats a epic soundtrack!! plus the graphics look improved! wow

ok so I guess I can wait until saturday for a character reveal :(
TheHardware  +   762d ago
you know I wasnt interested at all, and I probably wont buy this, but I must say it looks like a hell of a lot of fun
smashcrashbash  +   762d ago
Anyone notice that we are missing several stages still. Where is Nariko's stage? Or Toro? Or Sir Dan? Or Heihachi? Or Fat Princess?
MizTv  +   762d ago
i want snaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
MizTv  +   762d ago
since all the hate for rico from kz they should put him in so everybody can kick his ass
Afterlife  +   762d ago
Make him a alt for Radec. Maybe not because of the voice.
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Calm Down Sunshine  +   761d ago
Agreed. Even go so far as to have a "VS Team Rico" mode during the story, like in Super Smash Bros.. So you get to beat the crap out of 50 Ricos.
Omar91  +   762d ago
they need this soundtrack in the game

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