Half-Life 3 to be open-world

New rumors about Half-Life 3: According to a source, Half-Life 3 will be open-world and get RPG elements.

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ardivt2276d ago

just look at what id is said to plan with the next doom (open world with rpg elements, screenshot leak few months ago) and what epic wants to do with the next unreal (the exact same, said a few days ago)
skyrim really showed many developers how brilliant an open world game can become and I think many developers will also try to achieve this for their game. no matter what genre it's in.

toxic-inferno2276d ago

Exactly. You only have to look at the success of games like Borderlands and even Mass Effect to see that blending RPG elements into a game can be a very successful addition.

Also, open-world games are taking over the market more and more. 10 years ago, a game like Batman: Arkham City would never have been open-world. You only have to look at the success of some recent games to see that open-world is where it's at, currently. (Obviously there are exceptions, like Uncharted).

Nevertheless, I'd be intrigued to see how an open-world game fits the Half-Life universe. Sure, it will be possible, but HL has always been about telling a story, and Half-Life 2 stands out because it is a journey of one man.

Agent_00_Revan2276d ago

If that's the case then Valve will maybe make a game like that. But it won't be Half-Life. It'll be a new IP

Blacktric2276d ago

"skyrim really showed many developers how brilliant an open world game can become"

Wow really? So it wasn't any of the early fantastic open world RPG games but Skyrim? LMAO...

DeadlyFire2275d ago

I think RPG elements + FPS can work, but open world FPS title I am skeptical of at the moment.

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iamnsuperman2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I agree because Half Life 3 isn't going to happen. I see Valve doing a new ip more than Half Life 3

GameOn2275d ago

Why struggle to make a new, successful ip when millions of people a crying out for them to finish half life.

beerkeg2275d ago

'I agree because Half Life 3 isn't going to happen.'

I bet you any money that Valve is working on it right now, along with a new engine.

But this is Valve time we are talking about. They won't announce it until they are close to it being finished.

Jdoki2276d ago

If this is true it'll be interesting to see how Valve handle the story telling.

chukamachine2276d ago

I hope not.

I haven't found any open world games that tell a good story and make you feel involved, skyrim characters look cheap and boring.

Pintheshadows2275d ago


I'll take this "news" with a pinch of salt for now.

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