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How The Kinect Killed Immersion

In a new weekly blog for IBTimes UK, Ed Smith looks at how the Xbox Kinect is spoiling immersive games. (Arcade, Casual games, Culture, Dev, Fable: The Journey, Industry, Kinect, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox 360)

JAM_brz  +   984d ago
Kinect became my dust collector. Unfortunately.
EVILDEAD360  +   984d ago
Kinect didnt come CLOSE to killing immersion ...the opposite is true
This won't hold true for EVERY Kinect experience, but immersion is exactly what Kinect brought to motion controls.

Of the 3 it's the most immersive system there is..

He uses Kinect sports in the pic, but thats a PERFECT example. It's not just me, it's everyone I've witnessed play the game.

The bowling game alone is the most immersive bowling out there.

Before Kinect we were pushing 'a' or 'x' button rapidly to run with a charater. With Track and field you actually run.

Your Fitness Evolved is the most immersive fitness game there is. It actually puts you in the game. Play the block game alone and you will see how immersive it is.

But the sequel literally has you running down Times Square in NYC or major cities around the world.

Watch kids play Kinectimals and you will see that it's the most immersive kid game right now..and that was a launch game.

Same goes with Dance Central..playing without a controller in those experiences is far more immersive than with.

Even IOS games like 'Fruit Ninja' where you use your full body instead of your finger.

Again, it won't work on every occasion, but to pretend it killed immersion is FAR from trhe truth.

Lvl_up_gamer  +   984d ago
I don't understand why you have so many disagrees. You are absolutely right. How can you be "more" immersed in a game sitting on a couch pressing buttons then actually up off the couch physically jumping, ducking and running.

Steal Battalion: Heavy Armor had me moving my arms around inside a tank to pull down the scope, change ammo type, change gears and interact with my team mates by shaking their hands and catching apples.

Those that disagreed with you I don't think understand the term being "immersed".

I guess people will just hate on Kinect even when their argument makes no logical sense at all.
JAM_brz  +   984d ago
The point its that you don´t have a immersion because the controls never respond like they should.

The idea was great, but except from Dance Central, the Kinect take too long to recognize our moves and not always do that correctly. Worth a try? Maybe for the inovation and curiosity. Just for that.
EVILDEAD360  +   984d ago
'The point its that you don´t have a immersion because the controls never respond like they should'

Speak for youself.It's laughable pretending Kinect 'never' respond to controls when I own one and KNOW nothing on the market comes CLOSE to responding to what your body in game like Kinect does.

I've had over a dozen parties at my place where Adults AND Kids play for fun and competitively and that the response of Kinect to their actions os what amazes them the most.

Whats even funnier is Kinect is so easy to calibrate down to the person playing and the size of the envronment, even if you did have issues with controls.

People pretended that Kinect had horrible controls prior to launch and when it got in the hands of consumes word of mouth at what it actually does with games is why it's a success.

If the detractors claims that Kinect never has responsive controls were accurate at all, then Kinect would have flopped even bigger that Tony Hawk Ride which the word of mouth WAS accurate.

You saying saying Dane Central is the only game that recognizes moves clearly shows your ignorance of the games on Kinect. You don't actually control an avatar or anyone in Dance Central. It's literally the Guitar Hero of Dance Games. But games like Kinect Sports which require action work amazingly well, with the second game even recognizing your fingers.

Yup, there are bad games for Kinect, just as there are bad games for EVERY single system whether that have motion controls or not.

So once again to the point of th article, Kinect doesnt even come close to killing immersion.

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JAM_brz  +   984d ago
So I´m ignorant now? Very good make a discussion with you. Man, if you don´t agree with my opinion, ok! You have the right to do that. But don´t insult someone just because it don´t have the same opinion as you.

I think Kinect it´s bad, I THINK. Like Joy Ride, where you can just let go the car ride and it do the track all alone. I expect more of Kinect, some hardcore games, more interaction. Not just customize weapons in Tom Clancy´s, not just say "nitro" in Most Wanted, I already have a Headset to do that If I wanted.

Kinect is for kids. But wasn´t that Microsoft said before launch the device. Microsft said that "Kinect will aim for all ages".

For me, was waste of money.

But of course, the top line of the article was too strong. But Kinect wasn´t even close from what I expected.

PS: and where Kinect Sports 2 recognize fingers? Did I miss that? Until now, I thought Kinect hadn´t the capability of do that.
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EVILDEAD360  +   984d ago
'So I´m ignorant now? Very good make a discussion with you. Man, if you don´t agree with my opinion, ok! You have the right to do that. But don´t insult someone just because it don´t have the same opinion as you'

LOL @ you pretending I'm insulting you.I said you showed your ignorance of Kinect games.

Definition of ignorant

'Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: "ignorant of astronomy".'

You lack awareness of Kinect games as proven by your statement, and even afterward you ask 'PS: and where Kinect Sports 2 recognize fingers? Did I miss that? Until now, I thought Kinect hadn´t the capability of do that.'

Who cares if you hate Kinect, you can throw it in the garbage. that is your opinion of it.

I gave my opinion on the topic, you are now changing it by claiming that Kinect is only a device for kids when even you say Kinect is a device for all ages.

But again do to ignorance of the games you use Joyride 'a launch game clearly aimed at kids', But you can use Kinect in Forza 4 as well.

Then you use a Ghost Recon and the voice capabilities of Need for Speed to make your point?

None of those are even full-on Kinect games.

Maybe in your opinion Kinect isnt 'aimed' at all ages. There is a huge difference between Kinectimals and Dance Central which is played in some 21 & over dance clubs.

Again I made my point on the subject..nuff said

Which is why I didn't buy one...
FaSCoRP  +   984d ago
As any other stuff, it depends mostly with the lazyness of the developers, or not. Some games are even a pain to control in the menu itself (Decca Sports), some really work (as mentioned here) but usual think about not precision, just a bit of fun without too much expectations. When you are playing with Kinect you already know that it won't be a 1:1 experience
3-4-5  +   984d ago
They are doing it all wrong.

You can't be immersed in a game when you are staring at a screen. It automatically takes you out of it because you can see a screen, therefore you don't actually feel like you are there.

You need to actually be in the game to be immersed and we are at least 10 years away from having games that include this, but are actually GOOD.
edonus  +   984d ago
This is another BS article that does more telling haters what they want to hear as oppose to reality.

Kinect is the most immersive device I have ever used to play a game. The disconeect is that its something you have to learn to use and the reality is that lots of people for one reason or another arent taking the time or initiative to learn.

For instance I loved playing Star Wars kinect with the ability to grab enemies and throw them into each other and ducking and chopping up droids was a great experience that I feel lots of people missed.
And Steel Battalion is an extremely immersive game.In fact i would say its too immersive and that what made it so hated. It wasnt a cookie cutter sit back type of game, it was real pressure very heavy consequence gaming. How could you say standing up and stabbing a soldier in the neck thats on top of your tank trying to kill you comm. officer then reloading each round of your cannon because you stepped on a land mine that got your loader killed all while being bombarded with fire from your enemy that can cripple and kill you, isnt a an immersive experience. Its very advanced and if you arent really proficient or trying hard to become proficient with kinect you are going to hate it.
Kinect has tons of experiences like that but make no mistake kinect isnt for all types of games and shouldnt be. Its a dynamic input device your energy bar is your real life stamina so trudging and swinging through Skyrim would suddenly become a much more daunting task. I have said it from the beginning kinect games need to be designed from the ground up and create new genres.
People are still clinging to their lies and misinformation but kinect has proven itself and its actually still very young.
hazelamy  +   984d ago
no, people hated steel battalion because the motion controls didn't work, not because they didn't understand how to play it.
that defence didn't work for lair and it doesn't work here.
edonus  +   984d ago
I own STeel Battalion i have played and beat it I know the controls work or I wouldnt have been able to do those things. The sad thi ng is that it isnt even really that hard to control. I know they dont know how to play I have seen them play wrong I have heard them describe everything wrong.
I'm not going to argue that yes many people suck at playing it or if whatever you want to call it but the reality is if you CAN play Steel Battalion its a very immersive experience.

And its not about defending its about reality. I remenber seeing plenty of people here and there saying the samething about Lair and its safe to assume it got railroaded by jaded gamers stuck in their ways too . In fact now that you mention it the trend this gen has been any game that attempted to be different in control has gotten railroaded to some extent. Too Human (although it had its own design issues) the game was way better than it was given credit for. Even Killzone2 got backlash for having a more weighted feel. That is why all our games these days are sequals and rehashes.
SOULJER  +   984d ago
I still use my kinect. It works great for a door stopper.Serious,no joke.
Npugz7  +   983d ago
My first choice of console is the xbox and I'm gonna have to say that kinect is crap and I hope that's not microsofts major focus with the 720.
hellvaguy  +   983d ago
Just because xbox is your console of choice is the xbox, doesnt make you the spokes person for opinions regarding motion controls.

Dont really understand, why people dont grasp the concept that companies dont have to big specialized into one area such as FPS games. It really is ok to have some diversity such as family games, motion controls, online, etc. One doesnt hurt the other as much as some "doom and gloom" gamers claim they do.

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