TVG Previews Dead Space

TVG writes:

"Sci-fi and horror is a match made in heaven. In the film world, the Alien Quadrilogy epitomises this relationship with Director, Ridley Scott, famously pitching the first film as "Jaws in Space". Strangely, there haven't been that many pure survival horror games that have donned the sci-fi guise. Sure, Halo and Half-Life had strong horror themes, but they weren't pure survival horror titles.

Dead Space, on the other hand, is. From what we were shown in our first look this week, EA Redwood Shores are packing all the traditional survival horror elements into the game. There are grotesque looking beasties, suspense by the bucket load and a well oiled third person perspective to boot. In fact, one might even call it Resident Evil in space."

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