Sony may 'struggle to stimulate demand' with new Super Slim PS3

Sony may struggle "to stimulate demand" with its new Super Slim PS3, an industry analyst has suggested.

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GribbleGrunger2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Why don't they just add 'We're hoping...' to the headline and be honest about it.

chukamachine2157d ago

Your not wrong.

People are waiting for the WII U, With all the new games.


Plus all the other multiplats coming to every system near you.

decrypt2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

How would a super slim PS3 stimulate demand?

Its not like the hardware is any better, its essentially the same specs as the orignal PS3 launched 6 years back.

edit- I stand corrected the original PS3 had BC to PS2 and it had Other OS option plus extra USB slots. So the super slim infact is not the sae specs its a downgrade.

No way a downgrade can stimulate demand.

pixelsword2157d ago

@ decrypt

I wouldn't say that if I were you.

Many people saw the Wii as a downgrade compared to the PS3 and 360, and see the Wii U as a future downgrade to the next PlayStation and XboX, and the Wii sold the most consoles this gen.

So you never know what might happen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32157d ago

Sony "screwed the pooch...". What a wasted opportunity.

sjaakiejj2157d ago

I don't think the SuperSlim model was ever intended to stimulate demand, but more as a means of cutting costs for Sony...

THC CELL2157d ago

The Wii u is coming out too soon Sony has stole Nintendo thunder

SleazyChimp2157d ago

You are very close to being right. The WiiU is not too soon, it's just that Sony has played their hand well. Just scan this website and a few others and you will notice this thing is stealing all of the headlines. I don't think they wanted to play all of their cards either, that's why the price cut was not announced. If they wait till the end of OCT. to announce a price cut then they can steal head lines again just before the launch of Halo 4 and the WiiU. It's a very clever distraction that has eveybody talkin PS3 instead of WiiU. Now I wonder what MS is planning if anything at all.

Captain Tuttle2157d ago

Using N4G is not a very good way to measure demand for Sony products. Read up on "Confirmation Bias"

Ju2157d ago

Sony dropped the ball on their own game. Mainly because of pricing. What's the point of a cheap top loader if the price doesn't go down. A bigger HDD is useless. $199 would have been a strategy. This it is not. It's a ridiculous cheap console now - for the same price. There won't be any price drop till Christmas. Never that short after an announcement.

The only thing which can save Sony this Christmas - in the US - is actually releasing the 12GB version there for $199. Technically not a(nother) price drop because it hasn't even been announced there.

GrahamGolden2157d ago

who cares ?
let the wii u shine for a year or two cause once ps4 and xbox 720 will be release it will be forgoten

talisker2157d ago

I thought games stimulate demand for gaming devices, not plastic cases they're put in.

Shane Kim2157d ago

Obviously not, otherwise Wii and xbox wouldn't be ahead of PS3. It's all about pricing, end of story.

bahabeast2157d ago

its just a way for sony to make some cash from ps3 sales finally. no expensive bluray drive and a cheaper body, i just wish they added wireless n to it and a $199 model. i think ill get one just to try it out but i love the original slims with lighted buttons and indicators.

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