Borderlands 2’s Killer PC Version Gives Us A Taste Of The Future

Kotaku - Last night, as I sat there playing the excellent PC version of Borderlands 2 on my big ol' TV, I couldn't shake the feeling that the next generation of gaming is already upon us.

The PC version of Borderlands 2 is fantastic. (The game itself ain't half bad, either.) I've only played the Xbox 360 version at various conventions, but I'll say without hesitation that the PC version is the definitive version. Gearbox has clearly learned a thing or two from the lackluster PC port of the first Borderlands—the sequel's PC version is a shining example of PC porting done right. It starts with the impressive array of PC settings—everything a PC diehard would want is in there, from tweakable FOV to an adjustable HUD size.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2043d ago

They really did make it the best version! Even the menu is awsome!

BrutallyBlunt2043d ago

I know. When they put in the effort it really shows what the PC is capable of. Too bad all developers don't.

There are so many options to tweak and the game simply looks and runs amazing. The game does have it's issues that i expect updates to fix so it's not perfect yet.

dedicatedtogamers2043d ago

Kotaku is simply realizing what PC gamers have known for decades: there is a REASON why PC gamers tolerate patches, hardware hiccups, driver updates, and all the other inconvenient aspects of PC gaming. It's because PC gaming is...awesome!

josephayal2043d ago

looks beautiful def unbeatable Graphics

pandehz2043d ago

I want to buy this, not enough spare monehss

SilentNegotiator2043d ago

It's a step up from the first. The FOV in that one was like looking through a porthole.

Perjoss2043d ago

Its a cheap trick usually applied by console devs, the lower your fov the less the game engine has to render so you get a nicer frame rate. I always feel very surprised when i see a game on console with a nice fov.

SilentNegotiator2043d ago

I don't think I've played a console game with a FOV quite AS BAD as Borderland 1 PC's, though.

It's beyond miserable, B1's FOV. I couldn't play it for 10 minutes without getting a headache.

GearSkiN2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Duh its pc, ofcourse I would expect better graphics considering u can customize your machine.

Allsystemgamer2043d ago

Shhh! Before te console fanboys burn you!!

GearSkiN2043d ago

well i mean its true tho. not bashing consoles coz i love my xbox!

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