Sony brings hardware and services to TGS, but forgets games

EDGE - PlayStation 3 is slimming down. Again. At Sony’s lengthy Tokyo Game Show press conference on Tuesday, the company revealed a new PS3 model, half the size and weight of the original, but retaining the curved form factor of its predecessors.

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g-nome2155d ago

Well at least they are bringing more to the table than some other manufacturers and developers.

GuyManDude2155d ago

Indeed. Although I was hoping mightily for a new cross-platform Patapon game. That series is long overdue to see the light on PS3, and it would be a good fit on PSV also. An appearance from The Last Guardian would have been nice as well.

Even so, Sony announced plenty at E3 and Gamescom this year.

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darthv722154d ago

you really CANT please everyone.

If sony showed games, people would complain about them not showing hardware.

They show hardware and people complain about the games.

If they showed both games AND hardware Im sure people would complain about services or prices or whatever else they feel was lacking enough to make their point.

Its the same for MS and Nintendo get the idea.

Complainers will complain because its all they know.

NewMonday2154d ago

no games?!!
i don't get this at all, most of the TGS games are coming to a PS3,PSP or Vita

Aceman182155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Man Sony can't seem to do enough for these self entitled gaming media types, and regular gamers.

What more do they want from them a cure to cancer, the end of hunger, world peace? Come on cut them some slack they showed plenty of new and original titles for the Vita back at Gamescom.

What do they have to do show new games at every presser? Why arent people complaining about the other companies not showing up or showing anything new?

This is the WORST gaming generation ive ever had the misfortune to be a part of in all my 30 plus years of gaming.

plmkoh2155d ago

Perhaps they missed the 5 new Vita games announced at the TGS press conference.

CGI-Quality2155d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself. Sad when a gaming company gets more grief than respect, even when they DID bring games!

ronin4life2154d ago

You mean all the psp games? Or the Wii port? Or the mystery game from a 3ds franchise, which may also be a port?

this thread is lacking in facts and details, and a lot of you are saying contradictory things.

Aceman182154d ago


is that directed at me? i only mentioned Gamescom in my comment, i honestly forgot TGS was this week so if any new games were announced i dont know what they are lol.

but plmkoh below said there were 5 new games so why is the media complaining again about Sony?

ronin4life2154d ago

To be honest, people touting half truths and misinformation upset me, and this thread as a few people doing just that. BLAGH..°[]°//

The comment was directed at plmkoh, not you. I should have specified^_^;;

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DeadlyFire2155d ago

They have showed everything, but their PS4 games. I don't expect we will see them until E3 2013. We might get a GDC teaser of something though.

majiebeast2155d ago

Sony showed games at Gamescom,E3,GG and TGS. Gets lots of hate.
Microsoft showed *games* at E3. Doesnt get any hate from the media.
Nintendo shows mediocre,Ports at E3 and announces 1 new game for wiiu at their special presser and gets praised.

Am i the only 1 seeing whats wrong here?

CynicalKelly2155d ago

Everything is wrong here. The video game community is one of the most childish and butt hurt angry communities I have ever seen. It seems like it may indeed be filled with 12 year old kids.

I seen Sony come out with new breath taking IP's and I thought they looked like they would be an amazing story and experience, I seen Halo 4 and Gears of War 4 and thought they looked like great fun, I seen the Wii U and figured it would a hell load of fun to play something different and innovative.

Everybody else seems to just get angry and shout at each other, I am not sure if it's because they have just the one system or maybe cause the grew up with an abusive dad but it is really pathetic.

I refuse to believe that there is anybody out there who dislikes every single exclusive to a specific platform. All the "fanboys" that berate other consoles just says to me how poor and jealous they are.

HammadTheBeast2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I like how everyone just expects games to start rolling off from Sony, when there's tons of great quality one's in development right now. People seem to have forgotten Games com.

Simon_Brezhnev2155d ago

Yet when we talk about this people call us the SDF. When its just facts.

ronin4life2154d ago

The only vita content shown so far at tgs are Multi platform games and ports, save for the delayed keiji inafune

THAT is also fact.

3Rd parties have been making strong showings for the 3ds at tgs. FAR stronger than any other platform. Another fact.

Since you guys don't disagree with facts, I guess I'll be fine... right?

rainslacker2154d ago

"The only vita content shown so far at tgs are Multi platform games and ports"

So they did show games which means it contradicts the article title. So what if they're ports? I have a Vita and will play a port just as easily as I will an exclusive

"3Rd parties have been making strong showings for the 3ds at tgs. FAR stronger than any other platform. Another fact."

actually both these statements are subjective, although ones that can be backed up with logical reasons, but still just an opinion.

smashcrashbash2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Very well said. Sony gets hit from all sides as soon as they don't go all out.They showed games at every gaming event this year for all their systems including VITA.Microsoft stayed at home showed nothing at E3 barely did anything. And they got away scott free because they showed Smart glass with little or no hate at all.But the moment at TGS Sony didn't blow everyone away suddenly it is back to kicking them in the ribs again.You make sense man. I am not sure why you only have one bubble. Here is one on me. And as usual ronin4life the living Nintendo shield is here. Typical.

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LightofDarkness2155d ago

Sony showed enough games this year; cut them some slack, eh?

It's not like MS or Nintendo were bowling us over at E3 or Gamescom with a truck-load of tantalizing exclusives. If you want someone to criticize, I believe you're ignoring the logs in the eyes of those two to point out the splinter in Sony's.

GreenRanger2155d ago

I was hoping Sony would focus mainly on the Vita and announce a few new IP's, but they didn't.

Aceman182155d ago

Come on dude the plentiful new IPs the showed at Gamescom wasnt enough for you?

jay22155d ago

PMSL, xboxs is the console we need games for, we got what FIVE in AUGUST? including 1 from Sony Japan

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