Hardcore Resident Evil And Dark Souls fans Need To Play Zombi U

Furious Francis explains why Fans of Dark Souls and RE need to check out this Wii U exclusive launch title.

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LX-General-Kaos2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

From what has been shown up to this point. ZombiU does look like a very unforgiving horror experience. An experience of true survival to go along with the overly promised but under delivered horror from game developers of today. For many years I have been searching high and low for a true horror experience to tickle my fancy on home consoles. I have not been blessed with such an experience since the early days of the Dead Space franchise so I just take a look into the mirror when in the mood and just scare myself. Good thing I will not be forced to look any further than the next generation of horror with the fine Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive offering that is ZombiU.

Rated E For Everyone

Kos-Mos2278d ago

That was a really funny and good read:)

*love Nintendo*

LX-General-Kaos2278d ago

Your support is appreciated. Thank you for supporting the Nintendo product line.

geddesmond2278d ago

Its nothing like Dark Souls

PopRocks3592278d ago

Usually I'm not into games that legitimately scare me. ZombiU is the first true survival horror experience I've looked forward to in a long time.

Qrphe2278d ago

First off, gaming "journalists" should get some basic editing skills. Second, DS fans don't necessarily play DS because it's hard. The gameplay in DS is far different from the gameplay in ZombiU and so is the atmosphere.

Lucretia2278d ago

yeah, they obviously havent played dark souls lol

Wizziokid2278d ago

I think the comparison they are making, and others, is the fact that it going to be difficult with the one life scenario, how difficult it will actually be is yet to be seen but it's a welcomed change for people who like a challenge and it's really fitting to the genre.

Theyellowflash302278d ago

Read the article Qrphe. I played the hell out of Dark Souls and Demon Souls and there are some clear similarites between the two. The article doesn't claim the games play the same. They just share similartes fans of each franchise might apprecitate in ZombiU

Wizziokid2278d ago

defiantly the most wanted game on my list for the wii u thus far, will be getting the bundle which includes it

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