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TCG_Returns2010d ago

Oh god..those little 3 legged bastards are back!

crimsonfox2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I actually like the little buggers they got spunk.
This trailer looks insane, Looks like the boss battles are going to be high speed too. I'm still a little bummed out they decided to do the story after MGS 4, But i guess platinum wouldn't be able to go all out with the kind of characters they have talents to create. But hopefully they write off a good reason why Raiden would go back out and fight, Even though he seemed content with Rose and Jack at the end of MGS 4. Either way though I'm still really excited to see how the story & gameplay pans out. Don't do me dirty Platinum!!!

Christopher2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Just watched this and noticed more than a few moments where you can tell that the people who make this game think about sex a lot. Even the subtle "Pan down to the tablet in her hand, oh, and she has boobs!" moment.

I got a good laugh at them. I'm awaiting a Robot Chicken sketch that brings this to light.

Anyway, I'm going to wait until my Raiden gets dropped on me from a stealth bomber. Wonder if "It's Raining Men" will be playing on the radio when it happens?

Edit: Looks like there are a lot of sword wielding mercs out there... Hope boss fights don't get that boring and have a lot more diversity.

j-blaze2010d ago

one word....Spectacular! thanks Kojima for making the decision to work with Platinum Games!
for those who hate the game, now that platinum brought back everything from the cancelled Kojima Pro version especially stealth and free cutting system i wonder what your excuse will be this time!

RyuX192010d ago

I don't know why you got them disagree's man, but I'm happy to see people being positive about this game now.

AznGaara2010d ago

People who were fans of Platinum games were always positive about this game. Its the "true MGS fans" that were skeptical about. I mean Raiden was able to slow down a boat/submarine, A FREAKING BOAT, and ppl are upset that this isn't Metal Gear enough ...

iMaim2010d ago

that was an incredible trailer, even if i didn't understand what they were saying

Aoi2010d ago

I really hope this trailer puts to rest any doubt people may have had weather or not Platinum Games was able to pull this game off. It's fast paced action, packed with some interesting characters to boot. The E3 demo was very fun and the new TGS demo looks even better which is the version we will get shipped with Z.O.E. HD Collection so good times all around in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.