Tokitowa May See International Release Next Year

According to a Twitter response by CEO of Imageepoch Ryoei Mikage, Tokitowa may be seeing an international release next year.

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Snookies121885d ago

As do I... However, what the heck is up with that tentacle hentai looking picture??? o_o

I hope this doesn't fall into a lot of anime cliches...

OtakuStudy1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

They have promoted those sorts of scenes to some small degree... but how big an impact they will have is currently unknown.

Snookies121885d ago

Ah well, hopefully if these scenes do happen to some extent, it'll be kept to a minimum. I love the art and style of anime, I just don't like a lot of that unnecessary "fan-service" type stuff. So long as they focus on what matters like story, character progression, mechanics, etc. and not on boobs and risque scenes I'm sure it'll turn out wonderfully.

Neckbear1885d ago

Oh, there's a good amount of that in the game.

ninjahunter1885d ago

Brain washing at its finest, Hey gov, take note!

pompombrum1885d ago

This fan service stuff best be kept to a minimal.. that picture is way too hentai like for my liking. The game actually looks really good from the trailers but it'd be frigging awkward if my other half walked in on me playing this from how it looks.

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