Wii U vs. SmartGlass: Is Microsoft Banking On Nintendo's Success?

Will the predicted success of Wii U help make Microsoft's SmartGlass more relevant to gamers?

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LX-General-Kaos2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

From what has been shown so far both look promising. But the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet like control mechanism seems to be far superior on a gameplay standpoint. Standard gaming buttons will put Nintendos invention far ahead when actual gameplay is concerned, and is more geared toward consumer needs. It simply makes more sense to have the screen, and the buttons readily available with two hands.

Smartglass does seem to be in a way banking off the success off of Nintendo Wii U entertainment system control innovtations this time around. Though all we can do is pray that they are both successful in this overly competitive industry today. I personally just see Nintendos original innovation of a touch screen controller with buttons swan diving much further into the pool of success than an original tablet without an input button in sight.

I actually dont quite understand how it will work properly since I only have two hands and they will both be on the XBOX 360 gaming media pubs controller and not the tablet itself. Hopefully someone here is more equipped with information than I am.

Prime example..

Rated E For Everyone

Samus HD2277d ago

"I actually dont quite understand how it will work properly since I only have two hands and they will both be on the XBOX 360 gaming media pubs controller and not the tablet itself." - that's what I was thinking.. but maybe games like angry birds will be fully playble , i mean without using the 360 controller

ChunkyLover532277d ago

I agree, Smartglass looks interesting, but the Wii U has a Gamepad packed with every console. I wouldn't doubt if its successful that we'd see a Microsoft branded add-on tablet/controller. Rumors and a patent of that have been around for over a year.

ape0072277d ago

the wiiu is better imo cause it's a controller and a tablet simultaneously which is pretty neat and can be integrated in more things

mike1up2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Only if Microsoft is also "banking on" our fellow Octopus/Squid gamers to buy SmartGlass some time before November.

You need at least 4 arms to get a similar experience.

BABYLEG2277d ago

So you're buying smartglass? Microsoft must hate you since they're giving it to every 360 owner for free as a downloadable app. Do some research bro

mike1up2277d ago

My mistake, I need to read up on SmartGlass.

ElectricKaibutsu2277d ago

SmartGlass looks cool. I'd give it a shot. Of course the Wii U has a better system but that doesn't make SmartGlass any less cool.

WiiUalpha2277d ago

The issue with smart glass is the 360 console was not built around the idea. The Wii U updates the gamepad faster than it does the TV. Does smart glass do this? Also wont you still need a controller along with a smart phone to make the most of this? Few smart phones even have buttons so I'm not sure its a viable option for some games.

It is funny though to see the opinions of many gamers changing now. When it was just the Wii U it was a stupid gimmick but now that MS and Sony both have their own versions it's suddenly cool.

Given the option though I will take Wii U. Its much more powerful and actually built around this aspect of game play.

I dont want game play advancements at the cost of graphics improvements. With Wii U you can have both and get a solid system built around multi screen gaming. With PS3/Vita and 360/smart glass you dont get that because they are still using 9 year old CPUs and GPUs with limited RAM.

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The story is too old to be commented.