Resident Evil 6: Where It Will Succeed and Fail

WC - Resident Evil 6 is the highly anticipated, true sequel to the lowly received Resident Evil 5, released in 2009. Resident Evil 6 sees series veterans Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong fight their way across the globe, joined by a new comer, Jake Wesker. The game aims to be the biggest and best of the series, says developer Capcom. However, fan reception has been mixed. Others couldn’t be happier that their favourite characters are all featured in one game, but others think that Resident Evil has finally lost it’s way and will never return to its roots.

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Frodosmugins2274d ago

bored now... Bad publicity is good publicity.. this game will sell shit loads no matter what we argue about..
Capcom just milking it$$$$$$$$ .. Good for them!!

Silver_Edge2274d ago

No offense but you act like nobody likes this game and because it's a game you don't want or like, Capcom is this super evil organization that wants to upset "fans".

I think the game is great from what I've played and seen. so, in my case Capcom legitimately made a great game, it doesn't feel like they're "just milking it$$$$$$$$" and yeah, I whole heartily support them for making a game I really like and want. So, good for them!!

CynicalKelly2273d ago

Can you blame him? Not very many people seem to like the direction they are going in. I can get with change and it's a big improvement on 5 so I am all for it but the game does have it's major flaws.

It could have been great, I played Leon's thinking It would be horror, nope. Just because it's darker, doesn't make it scary. I was running around kicking everything, suplex here and there. Playing with the zombies like it was Dead Rising.

Right direction but still some work to be done to get Resi back to a loved game series for most people I think.

WiIIiam2274d ago

The guy who wrote this article is a real clown. The in-game menus are indeed functional, albeit convoluted, and players are in fact able to switch between aiming with the new cursor + dot system or the traditional laser sight. While the game certainly has its issues, this guy really ought to get his facts straight before he decides to publish something.