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Mass Effect 4: 10 Ways To Fix A Broken Series

WC - When Mass Effect 3 finally landed in our collective hands in March of this year, we were all overjoyed, and then many of us were quickly disappointed when, after playing through the riveting campaign, we were handed an ending that many deemed “cheap” and “lazy”. After promising that the huge save files people had invested so much time and effort in would have a biblical impact upon on the events of the third game, gamers everywhere were let down when, in actual fact, it all came down to one single choice in the final room of the game, where you essentially pick a colour, and sit back to watch the result of that choice. (Mass Effect 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

v0rt3x  +   1040d ago
I know one more way to fix it: Stick to your promises.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1040d ago
O Snap! I think they'll be a little more careful next time around.
StraightPath  +   1040d ago
One of highest rated n highest sold game is broken? A series loved by millions of fans? Even though me3 was a stellar game but abliet dissapointing ending dnt,ruin the entire game..they fixed it with the dlc. Terrible title n article
Pain_Killer  +   1040d ago
The article sure is terrible, only by minor flaws and a few plot holes in ME3, the whole series became broken?

Anyways, im looking forward to the new Mass Effect game. It was known that ME3 would be the end of Shepards Trilogy which has been a fantastic ride but the universe Mass Effect (Bioware) has crafted doesn't ends here for sure.

Casey also said new DLC is coming such as Omega and other Single player content which im also very interested in since leviathan was pretty awesome.
segmentnext  +   1040d ago
As a whole i do not think the series is broken at all. It needs just a few tweaks that's all no overhaul of it required.
And Please no Co-Op or Change the whole damn game by making it an mmorpg.

What is wrong with an epic SINGLE PLAYER story driven rpg?
ame22  +   1040d ago
Bring Sheppard back and pretend the entire trilogy is canon and start from scratch. Then I'll give you a big maybe.
rymanb  +   1040d ago
This series is by no means broken... in fact this series is my favourite of all time in video games.

Why are people judging an entire series, with upwards of 100 hours total gameplay, on the last 15 minutes!? The ending was not that bad, granted I would've liked scenes of what each member of the crew did after the ending, but overall I thought that it added a small dose of realism into the game - it didn't go for the typical "and they all lived happily ever after" ending because very rarely do we see that without some sort of cost, whether that be the eradication of a species, a person, or whatever.

BioWare did a smashing job on this series, and I would love to see more games in the Mass Effect universe.
coolman229  +   1040d ago
But the series wasn't broken just in the last 15 minutes. Yes, that invalidated the story and pissed off a good amount of fans, but the series has been moving away from RPG elements to become a pure shooter. Bioware admitted that they focused too much on the action in ME2. In ME3, they reduced the choices on the wheel (most times you would only have 2 choices) and there was a lot of auto-dialogue, which kinda makes the whole "this is your story" pointless. Bioware isn't what it was. I don't agree with everything the author said, but the series has deviated quite a bit from what Mass Effect established.
Tr10wn  +   1040d ago
People still think this is a broken serie and some how THEY know how to fix it, how about square enix fix the FF serie? is been dead since FFXI, and if you guys are so good at "FIXING" games how is that i havent seen a single game made by your site? and wtf is that number 1 and number 2? kill shepard and make it an mmo? lol

Stick with suggestions, fixing is a huge word for a site the only thing you can fix is the title of the article.
AdmiralSnake  +   1040d ago
1 Game made the entire series broken ? Okay lmao.... or do they mean 1 ending made the entire series broken lol ?
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Sketchy_Galore  +   1040d ago
There really... REALLY doesn't need to be a Mass effect 4. Of course there will but there really shouldn't be. It's story has been told. It's done. A game based around the same mechanics is fine but we need a new setting and story.
Pintheshadows  +   1040d ago
I don't mind the idea of another game set in the universe (it was very rich) but I don't think they should call it Mass Effect 4.
GrahamGolden  +   1040d ago
yes it is needed

the mass effect universe has countless of possibilities

clearly in the leviathan dlc u know that the organics reapers have bad intentions for the rest of the galaxy.

new game might be kk years after me3
a game between the trilogy
first contact war game
anderson vs saren story ?
mochachino  +   1040d ago
Make sure achievements unlock when they're supposed to.
pandehz  +   1040d ago
1 way to make a better game

1. Dont follow any 10 ways article. Do what fits

They tried to appeal to a mass by calculating art and that's what became of ME3 at the end.

Just make it with passion that's all

Any artists out there will know what im saying
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Dynasty  +   1040d ago
Broken series? LOL. You guys are ridiculous.
bgalin  +   1040d ago
How can there be a sequel to Mass Effect 3? Either they make one set of decisions canon, or the next game is extremely vague on a lot of details. I just don't see how this series can be continued properly.

Despite their mistakes on ME's ending (I agree with many that the ending wasn't very good), I think Bioware is still a great company who learned a lot. Here's to hoping for a brand new IP.
Pain_Killer  +   1040d ago
It all depends on the DLCs we get for ME3 in the future.

Arrival in Mass Effect 2 set the stage for ME3, Although it was known after the Suicide mission endings that the Reapers would eventually arrive to consume organics but their time of arrival and Indoctrination skills were truly revealed by that single DLC.
MoreRPG  +   1040d ago
I don't find this series broken it has its flaws but to me this is one of the best trilogies of this generation.
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InTheLab  +   1040d ago
While not broken, the series has dipped a bit too far into mediocre shooter territory.

The entire 3rd act was nothing but a series of corridor shootouts with a few brutes and banshees sprinkled about.

The entire game is filled with numerous plot holes.

Certain events are simply too convenient to be true...like how you magically cure the 1000 year genophage plague in a span of 2 weeks...and end a 200 year war between the Geth and Quarians in 2 days..

Certain events were thrown in because they were cool, instead of making any damn sense. ex; You fight a reaper on foot solo with the fake Hammer of Dawn and win but fight another reaper with hundreds of troops and take a reaper beam in the ass...and lose.

The 3rd game was much too linear. Help Turians>Help Krogans>Help Quarians> Help Geth> Help Asari> Crucible> Star child> Space magic. Previous titles gave you the freedom to do what you want until the end of an act in which case, you HAD to do a critical mission. If you didn't feel like recruiting Tali at the moment, it could wait. All freedom is gone in the 3rd game.

There's no barter system...again.

There's no inventory system...again.

Make powers the focus again instead of mediocre gunplay..

Even less exploration and the reaper chase bulls*** only made the lack of exploration even more apparent.

The 3rd game really forces you to go back and buy/replay the previous game if you want to explore relationships with ME2 characters. It is impossible to do so unless there was something in the previous game.

Choices don't matter. Remember the Collector Base which was the last major decision in ME2? Neither does Bioware because that s*** is mentioned once and doesn't affect gameplay in the slightest.

Gotta do a better job with endings. We all know how awful ME3's ending was but how do you go from saving the council after the epic battle with Saren, to shooting a baby human reaper in the eyes and a slow motion walk through the Normandy? ME2's ending was s*** as well.

There's a ton more wrong with ME3 and really ME2 but I still cant call them broken. I'd like to see the franchise taken in a completely old direction instead of what they've been doing.
GrahamGolden  +   1040d ago
there is only one thing to fix and thats EA stop forcing bioware to rush their games for quick bucks

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