4 Ways Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Is Going To Blow Your Mind

WC - So, as we here at What Culture recently relayed to you, our wonderous and obsessive readers, BioWare has made an official announcement of Dragon Age 3. There had been rumors circling the web for several months now, and BioWare had made no secret of the fact that they planned on making Dragon Age 3, but today we know it for sure. But, that isn’t the really awesome news. The really awesome news is that BioWare has promised us that Dragon Age 3 will be so radically different from the previous title that it may very well barely fit the qualification of sequel.

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falloutx2159d ago

DA3 is not going to be an open world game. They said it was going to have bigger more open environments but they never said open world.

Saryk2159d ago

Spoiler alert! You will go into Dragon Age 3 with your mind pre-blown!