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Hands-on: Wii-U Version of Tekken Tag Tournament Gets New Mode, Nintendo Cosplay (Game Revolution)

"I played Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii-U Edition for a few rounds of a new mode called "Mushroom Battle." Well, "Kinoko Battle," but 'Kinoko' means "Mushroom," so expect a change for localization. I was Heihachi fighting Jaycee in a match that featured signature Mario mushrooms randomly appearing on the battlefield. Purple ones were called poison, but they didn't seem to poison anyone -- just make that person smaller. Red (regular?) mushrooms made characters a little bigger, while those huge sombrero-type mushrooms made someone instantly change to maximum hugeness." -GR (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tokyo Game Show, Wii U)

dbjj12088  +   897d ago
It's goofy, but Tekken is kind of goofy anyway. I haven't gotten this yet, so I'll buy with my Wii U.
knifefight  +   897d ago
Which guy dresses as Luigi?
ZeekQuattro  +   897d ago
Marshall Law
KwietStorm  +   897d ago
Does the Wii U even have arcade sticks?
samtheseed  +   897d ago
killerhog  +   897d ago
Nintendo is really trying to capture the fighting game community, specifically the tekken crowd but it ain't going to work. Really tekken is establish as a Sony product and nintendo doesnt have a fighting game community out side of smash bros.
mike1up  +   897d ago
Super Smash Bros. has a huge following, and believe me, Namco has taken notice. Harada has commented on this a few times... well, maybe more than a few lol. This is why Namco-Bandai is currently involved in the next Smash Bros. title. Imo, this is also why Tekken WiiU will have exclusive content.

Now, I do get your point. A version of Tekken has been available on every Sony home console since the PS1. Although, that's where it ends. Times have changed...

Tekken Advance (GBA 2001)
Tekken 6: BR (Xbox 360 2009)
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition (3DS 2012)

Namco isn't just releasing these games out of the kindness in their hearts. These games are being released because people will buy them. Tekken Tag 2 will be the only fighting game available for the WiiU this year. Personally, I don't see how it won't sell.
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samtheseed  +   897d ago
Sony ripped off Smash Bros for a reason lol. Did you forget already?
Venox2008  +   896d ago
I will buy this version, because I love good exclusive content..plus dlc will be there already

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