Hands-on: Wii-U Version of Tekken Tag Tournament Gets New Mode, Nintendo Cosplay (Game Revolution)

"I played Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii-U Edition for a few rounds of a new mode called "Mushroom Battle." Well, "Kinoko Battle," but 'Kinoko' means "Mushroom," so expect a change for localization. I was Heihachi fighting Jaycee in a match that featured signature Mario mushrooms randomly appearing on the battlefield. Purple ones were called poison, but they didn't seem to poison anyone -- just make that person smaller. Red (regular?) mushrooms made characters a little bigger, while those huge sombrero-type mushrooms made someone instantly change to maximum hugeness." -GR

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dbjj120882042d ago

It's goofy, but Tekken is kind of goofy anyway. I haven't gotten this yet, so I'll buy with my Wii U.

killerhog2042d ago

Nintendo is really trying to capture the fighting game community, specifically the tekken crowd but it ain't going to work. Really tekken is establish as a Sony product and nintendo doesnt have a fighting game community out side of smash bros.

mike1up2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Super Smash Bros. has a huge following, and believe me, Namco has taken notice. Harada has commented on this a few times... well, maybe more than a few lol. This is why Namco-Bandai is currently involved in the next Smash Bros. title. Imo, this is also why Tekken WiiU will have exclusive content.

Now, I do get your point. A version of Tekken has been available on every Sony home console since the PS1. Although, that's where it ends. Times have changed...

Tekken Advance (GBA 2001)
Tekken 6: BR (Xbox 360 2009)
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition (3DS 2012)

Namco isn't just releasing these games out of the kindness in their hearts. These games are being released because people will buy them. Tekken Tag 2 will be the only fighting game available for the WiiU this year. Personally, I don't see how it won't sell.

samtheseed2042d ago

Sony ripped off Smash Bros for a reason lol. Did you forget already?

Venox20082041d ago

I will buy this version, because I love good exclusive dlc will be there already