Borderlands 2 Review |

GAMINGtruth's own Kyle Spencer delivers the verdict behind one of this year's most anticipated releases: 2K and Gearbox's Borderlands 2.

"Gearbox delivered on what it set out to do. Deliver a great sequel that made minor tweaks to a game that was already fun to revisit. Borderlands 2 is successful in every way a game should be successful in. You want fun gameplay? You have that here. You want amazing character development? You have that here. You want an interesting story with fantastic characters? You have that here. You want all the loot that you heart can withstand? You have that here." -- Kyle Spencer,

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Deeke2156d ago

It definitely seems like Borderlands 2 has everything a gamer would want in a FPS/RPG mashup: tons of action, new features like the "Badass Ranking System", and even NewGame+ with the Vault Hunter Mode!