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MySwordIsHeavenly1982d ago

Looks fantastic! Can't wait for it. :)

dark-hollow1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

A guy with og Dante avatar and isn't hating on the new DmC? :D

actually as much as I (for some reason) hate to admit it but this game is growing me with each new trailer released.

I DEFINITELY don't see any "slow, clunky ass 30fps crap"
the combat seemed pretty fast and fluid (not talking about frame rates)

but I do agree that new design of Dante is still crap

conjurdevil1982d ago

why would they show "slow chunky crap" in a trailer for the game they are promoting?

dark-hollow1982d ago

You should ask this to those who claim it is sluggish and slow just from looking at the trailers.

MEsoJD1982d ago

Despite the look and change of developer, I'm digging this.

TheMutator1982d ago

SIr you dont deserve that profile picture!!! thank you

MySwordIsHeavenly1982d ago

That profile picture is from Devil May Cry 2...the game YOU PEOPLE hated anyway.

Deal with it.

Chitown712911981d ago

What you mean YOU people?!?! Lol sorry couldnt resist....

j-blaze1981d ago

"Looks fantastic"

the trailer actually "with all the hideous faces and awful level design" made it look like a ps2 game

on topic: eww, this is embarrassing... why bother showing a freak show trailer to the classy Japanese audience?!... true DMC fans will be looking forward to Revengeance and Bayonetta 2 not this crap

hope this game flops big time so we can have a true sequel called DMC5!

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Dark111982d ago

They really need to work out more on vergil face...

RivetCityGhoul1982d ago

this game is an embarrassment.

1982d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.